Bandai Namco's New Horror Project Teased

A new Bandai Namco website pops up from nowhere teasing what could be the setting of an upcoming project.

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Smokehouse97d ago

That’s cool. I hope it’s not zombies though. Horror is a big genre and it’s under-utilized.

thatguyhayat97d ago

Yeah something new is welcome. Zombies has been rinsed out completely.

Kombatologist97d ago

The market has definitely been over-saturated with zombie games, but I don't think zombie games have reached their full potential. The problem with most of them is that they make killing zombies a novelty when it needs to be scary. I want a Romero zombie apocalypse with realistic survival mechanics and consequences. Games like Dying Light and State of Decay have things I like, but neither get it quite right. Dead Matter looks really promising, but it's a Kickstarter project, so we'll see.

Concertoine97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

No More Room in Hell is a source 2 game you would probably be into.

I know youd probably want something with more production value but its pretty much Night of the Living Dead (1968) as a game and a very unique game to play.

Smokehouse97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Don’t get me wrong, I think dying light 2 looks great and RE2 was my game of E3. I just want to see the broad genre of horror get a taste. I would much rather see something like a silent hill clone than a RE clone. Zombie games aren’t creepy to me at all. The games that got to me were silent hill and condemned criminal origins.

Concertoine96d ago

A new condemned in the style of the first would be so good.

Smokehouse96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Agreed. I’m a fan of horror so I don’t get “scared” but the first condemned came the closest for me. I thought twice about going down dark allies lol.

AK9197d ago

Looks like it'll be a zombie apocalypse game seen through the eyes of a cameraman similar to Michigan: Report from hell.

PaleMoonDeath97d ago

Japanese home.. I like it already, scare me too death damn you.

Magnus97d ago

I will keep my eye on this title I love Namco games

DivineAssault 96d ago

Bandai Namco have been making me drop dollaz lately. Tekken 7, Tales of, Ni No Kuni, Dark Souls trilogy, DB FighterZ, & soon Soul Calibur 6, Code Vein, and im sure a few others i cant remember at the moment. A great publisher imo. A few shady DLC attempts but all around great franchises.