T3: Is 2009 the year of the PSP renaissance?

Could 2009 be the PSP's time to shine a very bright portable light?

The recent release of yet another new iteration of Sony's PlayStation Portable (the PSP-3000) had us wondering about what was in store for the handheld in 2009 and beyond.

Will Sony finally kill off its clumsy, outmoded UMD format next year? Will the gaming giant go the whole hog (as opposed to 'half the hog' with PSP-3000) and make the proper shift over to digital downloads for PSP games and movies?

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sinncross3708d ago

THey have more then just a word puzzler in store... a FPS, an adventure action title... they have like 7 downlaod titles ready to be put on the store... but i reckon SCEE has been a bit too busy to fully complete them as of late.

an no dd only for titles that shud be umd.