We’re Doubling Down On Sea of Thieves’ Massive Success, Says Developer

Rare wants to continue expanding on its sea-faring adventure with more post-launch content.

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cigi100d ago

They are doing the right thing. The canvas opens up for great moment. Only thing was that the initial number of exclusives was too little.

But the game has fantastic possibilities

lxeasy99d ago

I was thinking on jumping back into the game again. My friends told me it's a lot better with so the new content they have added.

Concertoine99d ago

The megalodon and the new haunted ship battles are sooooo fun. I definitely say give the game another shot.

KillZallthebeast99d ago

Game looked barren and boring when I saw gameplay

JackBNimble99d ago

Says the guy who never played it.

Vasto100d ago

Just keep the content coming.

King_Noctis99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Why do people downvote you for wanting more contents?

I don’t understand this place sometimes.

AspiringProGenji99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

People are not buying Rare’s BS. That’s why. Let’s try to maskerade the barebone state of the game and its launch by reminding everyone it’s been “a success” every week

shaggy230399d ago

It's easy to understand.

People don't like Microsoft.

So if someone posts anything on a Microsoft related article, even if it's slightly pro Microsoft, they down vote them.

I'm guessing the haters don't want content coming for the game, the game would then die and the haters could then say "told you it would fail"

AngainorG7X99d ago

Ignore them, we enjoy this game and nothing will change that.

Tedakin99d ago

You must be new to N4g. This site is where gaming goes to die.

riibhu99d ago

On n4g fanboys from PS4 camp downvote Xbox article, fanboys from Xbox camp downvote PS4 articles. Can't tell if it's like a rule here or something but that's just how it works here.
The only difference is the ratio of these people. Last gen it was pro Xbox, this gen it's pro playstation. You'll get used to it.

Gaming4Life198199d ago


People are not buying your BS.

TheCommentator99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

@ Aspiring Pro Genji

"maskerade", lol.

Rare is not masquerading anything. They would not have added a fourth development team to support the game if it wasn't doing well. After all, they already planned six DLC before the years' end. Let's not remind everybody of what the game was at launch because it'll never be played that way by anyone ever again, and since the game is constantly evolving we can expect nothing but more to do as things move on. This is even more true now that Rare has made an even greater commitment to support it post launch.

Nobody who picks up Drive Club today plays it and says, "This game is great, but I wish this game didn't suck when it launched!" so get over it already and move on.

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97d ago
-Foxtrot100d ago

It's sad that of all the great Rare games THIS is the huge success...something lacking, repetitive and barebones. What an age we live in. Even Grabbed by the Ghoulies was a better and fuller game then this.

Relientk77100d ago

Yep, Rare has become a shadow of their former self

conanlifts99d ago

Have you tried it since the updates have rolled out? Btw genuine question, I plan to try it eventually but want to ensure the content is updated enough. So just curious if you have tried the updates and still dislike it?

monkey60299d ago

It's still acceptable for someone to have played it at launch and never want to play it again despite updates.

I know I wont ever go back to it

conanlifts99d ago

@ monkey. Yes I agree. I just wanted to know if the updates made any difference on his opinion. If he tried it since the updates and still hated it then it would paint a different picture than if he hadn't ( which is fine).

monkey60299d ago

At least with the Game Pass it's not an expensive effort though. You could try it out any time and not really waste any money. I personally found the charm wore off after a couple of hours and there just wasn't enough to the game mechanics themselves not just the content. That's why I've lost all interest.

sprinterboy99d ago

I did some babysitting over the course of a weekend for my 3 nephew and neices and was like oh shit i'll try SoT while I'm here 😊
Sadly after about 6hrs of trying on Friday and Saturday night I gave up trying to find people with mics or wanted to play the game instead of just constantly playing instruments In my face the whole time. I watched a good few hrs of YouTube videos of the game and thought it looked fun which I believe it is with real friends but if your looking at playing this solo or with random online xbox owners then I'm sorry its gonna be shite with the experiences I had anyway.

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mkis00799d ago

This is how they get away with things. This is a massive success to them, so the next thing to beat it only has to do a little.

rainslacker99d ago won't be their first huge success. But its a different time where huge success requires much bigger numbers than it did 20 odd years ago.

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XiNatsuDragnel100d ago

Shadow of a former selves 😢

2BlackBelt99d ago

I find it very hard to believe.