DOOM Eternal for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch Gets New Screenshots and Info Showing a Hellish World

To celebrate the new reveal at QuakeCon, Bethesda released a new press kit with new screenshots, details, and artwork of the upcoming first-person shooter DOOM Eternal.

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-Foxtrot7d ago

"As the Slayer, allow real players to invade your campaign as demons for a dramatic and unpredictable twist anytime you’re playing the campaign"

I'm guessing you can turn this off?

The 10th Rider7d ago

I mean, unless you *have* to have an internet connection then you have to be able to go offline and play without it.

AK917d ago

Similar to Dark Souls game there will probably be an offline mode.

Xb1ps47d ago

I’m guessing this will be very interesting......

joab7777d ago

This is amazing!!!!! I miss this about DS! The original was sooo good because you could be invaded. And sometimes ppl would bring gifts for you and send you in treasure hunts.

I really hope you can interact in some way other than just invading to kill.

One of my favorite features in any game, be it DS or Dragon’s Dogma is the ability to give gifts to other ppl, leave notes etc!

Oliver_Twist7d ago

You already know the answer to this. You just want to make a meal out of it.

-Foxtrot7d ago

I don’t which is why I asked

But no no...try and stir shit

EDKICK7d ago

They mentioned on stage being able to play without the feature on.

MWH7d ago

They said it's optional.

Lon3wolf7d ago

They said in the presentation you can play it with players allowed to invade or just by yourself, so it looks like you can turn of invasions.

T2X7d ago

Yes, they said you may turn it off.

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AK917d ago

I'm get a lot of flack for this but I was unimpressed visually with Doom Eternal, don't get me wrong the core gameplay still looks amazing but it looks like an expansion as opposed to a true sequel.

Sciurus_vulgaris7d ago

New enemies, new weapons, new upgrades, new engine and improved visuals, Doom Eternal looks like a sequel to me.

ShockUltraslash7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

They can't push graphics too much, game has to run at 60 FPS and current gen consoles are already maxed out.

Hungryalpaca7d ago

And what is a sequel to you then? Something completely different?

Sirk7x7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

"We shall call our new game 'NOT DOOM!' "

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

When I saw the trailers initially, I couldn't tell if it was dlc or a sequel, but I'll happily take a sequel. It sounds like they're optimising the engine more, I already get 144hz at 1440p, maxed out details, it's hard to believe it would get any better than that.

MWH7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I did notice few improvements i.e. in lighting and shadowing but i expected a bit more attention to details.

One of the things i wish one day devs can achieve effortlessly is not to make the corpses disappear or at least leave some remains, this adds to the experience.

In Doom, the Arch Vile resurrect demons and without any remains it will look like summoning when he does.

I can imagine how visually wonderful and terrifying to see carcasses reassemble around you when resurrected.

Anyway, Doom is one of the most important games in my gaming life and i can't wait to go back its Holly Hell!

Madmoose6d ago

Well good thing that they seem to be getting & keeping the most important aspects to the game to remain amazing then eh? 😉

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Tankbusta407d ago

Yikes this could get annoying if someone or multiple people join your game as some crafty imps and shoot you with fireballs from a distance.

Xb1ps47d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Would it benefit any different if the ai did that?

Lon3wolf7d ago

You can turn that feature off.

fr0sty7d ago

yeah, god forbid we actually have to use strategy to defeat the enemies instead of just remembering patterns.

Tankbusta406d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Wow some people are dense...I know you can turn off the feature...I was just stating that if you didn't and you got some guys who wanted to troll you for awhile and they could be imps it could be annoying. They could hit and run you for an entire level. I wasn't saying anything negative about the game or anything. People troll like crazy in the Souls games and I was just stating one way they could do it in Doom.

@Frosty...have you ever played Doom? What strategy is involved besides running around and killing enemies...very little...

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cfc837d ago

I thought doom flopped ? ... empty servers etc.

Sciurus_vulgaris7d ago

The multiplayer of Doom (2016) died fast as it had very poor player retention. However,Doom (2016) sold well overall.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

Single player was fantastic, I hardly got any multi player matches so I gave up earlier on. As far as I'm concerned, Doom was a top tier modernisation of an old game.

Hungryalpaca6d ago

Um it’s known for the single player...

michellelynn09767d ago

This game looks so amazing. I cannot wait to get it.

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