Google will lose $50 million or more in 2018 from Fortnite bypassing the Play Store

When Fortnite Battle Royale launched on Android, it made an unusual choice: it bypassed Google Play in favor of offering the game directly from Epic Games’ own website.

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Cmv38130d ago

Does fortnite bypass the apple store too?

rob-GP130d ago

No, on iOS you HAVE to be on the App Store as there is no other way of legally providing the game. On Android any device can technically install the APK for various locations.

gamer7804130d ago

this is precisely why google has more of the smartphone marketshare but also why apple still makes more money to invest back in.

ProjectVulcan130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Hmm you need to possess something before you can lose it in this way. $50m potential revenue is a lot for most companies but for Google it's not a biggie. They make $100bn a year. So they make $50m in like what, 4.5 hours?

Th3Syn130d ago

Google is going to lose $100million this year because I decided to not make an android game. Sorry Google.

amazinglover130d ago

100% true the only thing that has me even a little concerned is if this starts to become a trend and more companies bypass the store they may start to try and lock down there OS and cite security as the reason.

Sirk7x130d ago

Fornite is practically a cultural phenomenon at this point. They have the brand power to not need Google Play for advertising. Also, it's a free game where they make their money on MT. Most people don't know that on Android you can install a paid .apk from anywhere very easily, and the mobile market is so over-saturated that for most developers, not having it on the GP platform would be probably costing them many sales.
I don't particularly enjoy Fornite, but I can't deny that what they're doing is completely flipping the game industry on its head.

Sm3000130d ago

I'm happy epic went this route. More should follow. Google literally prints money. 50 million they wipe their azz with. Leftist Google has gone downhill. Hopefully the surface phone brings MS back to the game

Profchaos130d ago

I don't like this move purely from a security standpoint. I belive epic is not acting in consumers best interest.

An apk can be modified or faked if a user happens to disable the security restrictions on their phone and install the apk they are operating outside of the standards Google set. This is fine for advanced users not so much so for kids and teens and even adults who don't realise the fortnite apk they found is malicious..

I think epic is only concerned with the 30% loss and they are allowed to be but they should be working with Google to cut a better deal not encouraging these techniques that could harm users..

I belive we will see lots of apks pop up promising enhancements like additional weapons and skins to try and trick a user into downloading

rageholic130d ago

Great points. Imagine how many kids and less savy adults are going to be duped by fake Fortnite apps that offer free V-Bucks only to receive a malicious virus that steals their personal information. Imo this was an anti-consumer decision by Epic.

Profchaos130d ago

I've seen it happen plenty of times with andriod enthusiast developer forums in which a dev might upload a fancy keyboardas an example and the community like it and once downloaded everyone is unaware the keyboard contains key loggers until a user reports it down the line but often to late.

Sirk7x130d ago

That happens already though. You have to willingly allow a third party installation, and if people are willing to risk their device by trying to cheat, that's their own fault. That's like saying that by not purchasing a PC game from Steam, it's risky and anti-consumer. People that don't know better are going to get swindled in any aspect of life and it's always been that way.

oneluckybullet130d ago

You do know Apple charges 30% as well. Whether you like Google or Apple this move was simply money and greed. Hence why I can play on my s9+ right now. PS it actually runs good though I'm not a fan of the game. They signed a deal for 30 days exclusively to Samsung

Profchaos130d ago

I don't think consumers should have to worry about how much develops are required to pay the store owners the only reasson we see fortnite take this approach on andriod is because they can get away with it but Apple have restricted the OS more so third party installs are not possible unless a user jailbreaks the system.

I'm sure epic would like users to do that but it might be a step to far as it is much more complex and violates user agreements with Apple where as Google will tell you don't sideload and modify your security settings to run untrusted apks its risky if you choose to continue they won't restrict it.

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