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COGconnected: Square Enix treated us to some hands-on time with Shadow of the Tomb Raider's, and the demo came with its own trinity of improved gameplay features.

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capjacksparrow123d ago

Hard pass for me so far. RotTR was incredibly boring to me. Mechanics were fine, but the storytelling was as weak and uninteresting as the protagonist. Hopefully they up the ante in the storytelling department.

SuperSonic91123d ago

Same with the first TR reboot

joab777123d ago

The story of the first two could have been sooooo much better. After the initial trailer I thought that we would see how she transformed from an innocent into what she is today. Instead, it’s wham...bam...I’m killing hundreds of you like it’s nothing. Complete disconnect.

And “brilliant” exploration. Swimming?


Even the gameplay had a high input lag on ps4 and made the gameplay feel sluggish
And the puzzles weren't that great considering that's the focus of the tomb raider games it was mediocre.
I enjoyed the first Tomb raider better

starchild123d ago

It's not the best story I've ever experienced in a game, but it was far from bad. The story in the past two was better than average and certainly better than the older Tomb Raider games, for my tastes. It carried the games forward in a satisfying way and the gameplay in particular was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed those games. Early word seems to be that the story is better in this one anyway.

capjacksparrow123d ago

It's not necessarily the story that I have issue with, it's the storytelling. Their character development and storytelling are pretty bad. Forgettable, for me at least. Gameplay is fine.

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cooperdnizzle123d ago

And this one you have to survive water!! There are underwater levels! Yes! So intavating

bigmalky123d ago

You're a hack site most of the time. Why should we listen to you?