How to Finish We Happy Few in Under Two Minutes

We Happy Few, a dystopian action/adventure game from Compulsion Games that released this week, has a secret early ending. Here’s how to get it.

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Fist4achin97d ago

Maybe that's why there's only the "happy few"...

KwietStorm97d ago

The game doesn't auto destruct if you finish it quick

Eonjay97d ago

This is why YouTube exists.

thatguyhayat97d ago

What seriously? Yeaaaah I'll wait til the price drops down

Jay76797d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Again Microsolf brought the studio who made we happy few:).

Xb1ps497d ago

Funny when people are a smart ass and a dumb ass at the same time..

Jay76797d ago

I see my spelling error but you still get my point Microsoft gaming division keep make bad Investments that never pay off.

aconnellan97d ago

I, too, judge every studio and their publisher based on only one of their games /s

staticall97d ago

To be fair, their other game, Contrast, was meh

King_Noctis97d ago

You gotta admit, at least MS gave these guys a chance. And with MS’s money, they could take their vision even further for their next games.

97d ago
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