The Initiative Brings in More Big Talent

The Initiative has recruited some top tier talent, that have worked on games like God of War, and Red Dead Redemption. Could The Initiative be the next huge studio?

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kookwes98d ago

I think that means very little unless they are leads in their deparment. The industry is name dropping when these people could have done very little creatively

ShottyatLaw98d ago

Why not just Google the names if you don't know who they are?

They've gotten some experienced recruiters attracting great talent. Cantamessa is the one that has me most interested.

Gh05t97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

"I think that means very little unless they are leads in their deparment."

They were leads, that is the point, which you would have known ifffff..... you actually read the article...

"Brian Westergaard worked on God of War (2018) as the lead producer."

WOW even says lead in the description.

"Cantamassa was one of the key writers for Red Dead Redemption..."

and from his bio "CHRISTIAN CANTAMESSA is an award-winning filmmaker and video game creator. He is widely known as the lead designer and writer of RED DEAD REDEMPTION"

look at that funny word again... LEAD... Amazing.

Then if you wanted to actually do any more looking rather than only take what is being spoon feed to you.

Lindsey McQueeney: is in HR and Culture manager so I dont really care other than she was also the LEAD recruiter for Crystal Dynamics.

there is that word again...

Daniel Neuburger was a GAME Director, you know obviously just a throw away title they give to everyone since it didnt have senior or lead in the title he must be garbage.

maybelovehate98d ago

It already is a huge studio.

Brazz98d ago

We will see, but it will take some time, 4-6 years perhaps?

Spurg98d ago

I say 2-3 years with maybe an announcement at next years E3.

Brazz97d ago whit all due respect, they are still building the studio. Recruting, making teams, creating engine, concepts, etc. pre-production take years and full production will take even more. Just look at other studios works ( studios that are complete, have organized teams and are not under construction) they normaly take 4-5 years or more for a new IP at AAA level.
No way to deliver this in just 2 years and 3 is almost impossible.

coolbeans97d ago

I'd worry about the level of crunch the team would experience in that sort of timeframe tbh.

The_Hooligan97d ago

Maybe a launch title for the next Xbox? Or too soon?

King_Noctis97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Most games don’t take that long to develop.

Brazz97d ago

Most games are not AAA games, and we are not talking about "just making a game", it will be a new IP, they we build things from zero! They are creating a new studio and creating a new ip at the same time, it's hard to belive we are going to see anything in less than 4 years.

Sure, other MS studios can cover it, like playground and Ninjatheory. I can totaly see these two whit games in the next 3 years or so, but i would be surprised to see something from The initiative in the next 4 years.

Spurg98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Brian Westergaard worked on God of War (2018) as the lead producer.
Annie Lohr is the recruiter and worked at Respawn.
Christian Cantamessa – the writer from Red Dead Redemption is at the company.
Blake Fischer – Senior Director of Portfolio Planning for MS, but now working with The Initiative.
Daniel Neuburger & Lindsey McQueeney are from Crystal Dynamics

Pretty good talent if you ask me. Especially the Christian Cantamessa the writer for red dead redemption and shadow of mordor. He won awards those games so he is an excellent pick.

candystop98d ago

Yeah that does sound rather interesting.

slate9197d ago

I know current gen has plenty of steam left in it, especially with Sony's side. But I'm very eager for next gen already. Good times in present and ahead!

King_Noctis97d ago

Can’t wait to see what they will cook up. This is shaping up to be a huge studio.