Bravo Team - Call For An Immediate Extraction / JTGA - Review

JTGA: There is enormous potential in these formative years of mainstream virtual reality. Sony’s headset is arguably at the forefront of widespread awareness, and regularly boasts interesting, experimental, and / or exclusive titles. When you give well established teams like Supermassive access to that same tech, one can’t help but be cautiously optimistic about titles like Bravo Team. Especially when you take into account their pedigree with stuff like Until Dawn.

On paper, the premise sounds like a Time Crisis arcade fans dream. You inhabit the role of a special forces operative, and lead the charge through various close combat scenarios. Co-op play is available, and you also have control over your A.I squadmates. There’s support for the PSVR Aim Cntroller, a replayable score attack style mode, and various difficulty levels.

It should be a winner. But unfortunately, Bravo Team fails to hit the mark.

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Apocalypse Shadow103d ago

Game was basically a rush job. They tried to make too many games at once and the result was lower quality games compared to their first release of rush of blood.

Hopefully they learned their lesson. They could have had 5 for 5 great games. Instead I only bought two games:until dawn and rush. And that's their fault.

JTGA103d ago

I totally agree. It really feels like a phoned in effort. Such a shame, as Rush of Blood and The Inpatient were both great fun.

MongooseGeneral103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Bismarn asked me to say: "Yeah we know. This game was getting bad reviews a month ago. Why are people still discussing it."

JTGA103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Stop discussing things people dont like!