Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Captured in 4K on PS4 Pro, Rockstar Confirms

Rockstar Games dropped the first gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 with the first real look at what Rockstar's outlaw sim looks like running naturally.

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Awesome! Will probably get it on X since I have both (obviously), but i'm glad they showed off the Pro footage, it looks amazing, the atmospheric affects and LOD especially!

81BX8d ago

Wish I had both, but I'll be picking this up on the X.

Dragonscale8d ago

Don't need both, I'll be picking this up on the Pro.

darthv728d ago

I too will be getting it on the xbo since I don't have an X but eventually i will and would want to take advantage of that upgraded power.

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CorndogBurglar8d ago

So ridiculous that you get all these disagrees simply because you said you will get this on X.

Your comment wasn't fanboyish or hateful in the least bit. This community is a joke sometimes.

gamer78048d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I agree with you, but in the spirit of N4g, I just clicked the disagree button... yea internet!

AnubisG8d ago

I agree that it is ridiculous that people disagree with GUTZ.

However, this was the opposite back in thr PS3-360 days. So I guess, what goes around, comes around. Now that we have come fulk circle, maybe next gen we can leave the faboy stuff behind. (Highly doubtful)

343_Guilty_Spark8d ago


That’s just petty, the tit for tat is childish.

CorndogBurglar8d ago


Unless GUTZ was around back in the PS3-360 days disagreeing with anyone that mentioned a PS3 in a positive light, then no, it isn't "what goes around comes around".

This is just people being childish. We're not some kind of hive mind. Not everyone is an idiot fanboy. Some people are capable of enjoying, or at least appreciating video games as a whole without limiting themselves to one console.

As video game fans you would think we should want ALL video games to succeed. More variety is a good thing.

But again, children will be children.

Shineon8d ago

All those downvotes were from the haters ya know haters gon hate ballers gone ball it just the way of life

OB1Biker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

And I disagree with you.
There's nothing wrong with disagree. People should stop the freaking drama about disagree and playing victim haha
Even for multi console owners there are good reasons for choosing either the Xbox or the PlayStation version.

Aloren8d ago


That's an urban legend.
You registered in 2015. I registered in 2008, and frequently visited n4g even before that. It was just like now except people took away bubbles instead of disagreeing. And back then, they already said "yeah but it used to be the opposite when ps3 first came out".
So as far as I can tell, you're looking at 10 years of trolling fueled by those who weren't there back then but who, for some reason, believe it was "just the opposite", up until right before they got here, while in reality, it probably lasted a few months at best.

bratman8d ago

Urban Legend? Hardly.
Oh man I still remember when Lair released for the ps3... Yikes! the xbox fans did not hold back in the comment section hahah. Maybe one day the fans from both sides can just go about their days without talking smack... maybe just wishful thinking :D

Aloren8d ago


That's a pretty bad example. Lair came out in 2007. It was hyped and ended up with 53 on metacritic. So of course it wasn't going to be praised in the comments...not to mention it came out around the same time as halo 3 which ended up getting 94 on metacritic and was also bashed in the comments, even compared negatively to Resistance which came out a year earlier.

Still, this was eleven years ago. I'm really not sure pointing out a 53/100 game that was bashed in the comments 11 years ago is enough to justify people disagreeing with a guy saying he's going to play a game on xbox in an otherwise pretty positive comment about the Ps4 pro version.

sprinterboy8d ago

Or maybe theres no reason to state what version your getting in the first place? Pretty obviously people are fishing for agree and disagrees for there ego and fanboyism. People start crying if they don't get any agrees or disagrees these days

Eonjay8d ago

A disagree means I don't agree with you.

DarXyde8d ago

It's possible the people disagreeing just don't want to get it on the X.

MrBeatdown8d ago

Welcome to the entire internet guys.

Dragonscale8d ago

@343, it happens on every side. Hope you remember that if xbox ever turns it around.

blackblades8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Should've never said it to begin with, all he and the others had to say was I'm getting it. Instead he started the flame by mentioning the x with a game stating to be captured on pro.

Sm30007d ago

Agreed corndog. I'm a huge Sony fan, and I see some cringy stuff here. Sony bias is off the charts feels very childish

bluefox7557d ago

Anyone who comments about which console they are getting a game on is doing it to be inflammatory, especially on N4G.

Rimeskeem7d ago

And you are a part of it so you are a joke...?

OB1Biker7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Hey man
I see you seem to take this stuff seriously.
Just for the sake of trying to explain a point of view different than yours.
Consider the statement: 'Will probably get it on X since I have both '
Now imagine someone who has both too but will get it on PS4 instead.
is it 'ridiculous ' or fanboyish to hit disagree button?

Or do you need long explaination with a list of reasons why someone prefers this particular game on PS4?

Now I didnt initially hit disagree because I didnt feel it was necessary but your comment gave me second thoughts. You also have to admit the agree/disagree that comment had was fairly balanced.

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Kumakai8d ago

The Pro footage looks gorgeous, which means the X is just gonna be hopefully pushed beyond that with the extra 2 TFLOPS. I have both systems but I usually pick up multiplatforms on the X for that very reason.

MatrixxGT8d ago

When I saw this I thought “man this must be X footage” crazy how talented rockstar is. I have a pro and a x and I’m kinda torn. I usually prefer my single player games on PS.

81BX8d ago

Lol. The game is so pretty, I thought it was running on PC.

soulsx8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

And X have memory adventage 3,5 gb more than ps4 pro so 4k textures and more grass and detail can be used :-) and memory bandwitch 326 gb vs 218 so draw distance upgrade is possible with nativ 4k

fiveby98d ago

I own both a Pro and an X. But with the exclusive PS content, I will go for Pro. I imagine it'll play great on both. But for eventual MP, most ppl I know are playing on PS so I'll stick with Sony this time. But frankly to my XBox friends, have a blast. It'll be a fantastic game wherever played.

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1-pwnsause-18d ago

A good looking ps4 pro game should mean a better looking XBONE X game. No reason people should disagree with you.

Orionsangel8d ago

Yep, the XboxOneX has far superior 4K than the PS4 Pro.

Ceaser98573618d ago

"Yep, the XboxOneX has far superior 4K than the PS4 Pro."
Well nope, a quick google will educate you that X has better specs but "FAR SUPERIOR 4K" than the PS4 pro is made up and bull crap... you are welcome.

Orionsangel8d ago

@Ceaser9857361 I don't care about specs and numbers. What matters is what's visually pleasing to my eyes and I find that 4K on Xbox One X looks far superior than PS4 Pro. I win this argument. NEXT!

rebeljoe148d ago

I’ll get it for the pro instead, gotta have those trophies. Achievements irks me and feel useless on my gamer score total

mkis0078d ago

I probably will too, but I'm still on the fence as I don't pay for xbox live but I do pay for psplus, and I may want to try
multiplayer a bit. I would love it if the comparisons came out early. If it's just native vs 4k checkerboard resolution as the difference then I would probably get it on ps4.

Ceaser98573618d ago

I already preordered the Ultimate ed. on my PRO , cant wait and excited for Red dead online .

3-4-57d ago

So it could potentially look even better than this on the XB1 X ? I'm thinking of doing that Gamestop deal for the XB1X so I can have to for games like RDR2.

gamersday087d ago

So the resolution is that important now??? Whatever happened to play the game not resolution by lord phil???

Anyway, you all should get it on pc if you want the best graphics/animation/audio version. No compromise there as the game is CREATED ON A PC AND SCALED DOWN TO FIT THE CONSOLES.

X is redundant and already abandoned by m$. All the new studios and new games are for the new xbox. Most 4k games x has barely made it to 4k and most have fluctuating framerates (unstable 60fps). I can foresee this is going to be the same. So, Pc version for me.

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Crazyglues8d ago

Wow this was running on the PS4 Pro, that's amazing, can't wait then, My PS4 Pro is ready... :) Game Looks Amazing.....

Lennoxb638d ago

This should be a breeze for my One X then. This game looks next gen but Rockstar are wizards.

Blade928d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Screw the X. PC all the way. Jk but if it looks that good on Pro I'm excited to see how it looks on PC.

andibandit8d ago

Indeed.....when it arrives on pc 2 years from now

frostypants7d ago

Jesus Christ who freaking cares what you people play it on?!

RedDevils7d ago

@boing sound like you don't go to school sad.

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mkis0078d ago

I doubt they will skip pc, but I am not a patient person when it comes to a game I can play now!

stefan_7717d ago

If that's what you think next gen graphics will look like, you have low expectations. There will be better looking games before the gen is out

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AK918d ago

I wonder if they'll release part 2 on X footage?

OpenGL8d ago

They will not release any X footage prior to release as the game has a marketing deal with Sony. That said, I have no doubt it will look every bit as good on the X, just with a higher native resolution. I'm actually more curious to see how the original consoles hold up.

deadfrag8d ago

The Rockstar game haves marketing deals with Sony for RDR2 all the footage that you will see will be PS4/Pro._