Sony Sold Over 81.2 Million PS4 Units to Customers as of July 22nd

81.2 million PS4 units have found their way to loving homes around the world, bringing the total of PlayStation consoles sold to 525.3 million units.

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SuperSonic9199d ago

About 20 million units a year in 4.5 years...not bad

XiNatsuDragnel100d ago

Amazing double the Xbox and pretty much beating 8th gen end so fast

gravedigger100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Probably more than a double. Maybe it will be tripled at the end of the gen. :D

UltraNova99d ago

PS4 has sold more units than Xb1, WiiU and Switch combined...let that sink in for a moment.

WickedLester99d ago


When it's all said and done. Sony will hold the #1, #2, #3, and #5 spots for all time highest selling home consoles! Let THAT sink in for a moment!

shaggy230399d ago


Erm.........The Nintendo Wii says hi.

Also, if we're just saying "console" and not being specific with "home console" then the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Gameboy also say hi.

Let THAT sink in for a moment.

jukins99d ago

@shaggy you mad? Because he did say HOME CONSOLE. Not to mention ds sales are combined (ds ds lite ds xl etc) as well as gameboy and gameboy color.

WickedLester99d ago (Edited 99d ago )


The PS2 is the all time highest selling home console and it ain't even close at 155 million units sold.
The PS1 is the 2nd All time highest selling home console at over 102 million units sold
The Wii is the 3rd All time highest selling home console at over 101 million unit sold

By the time this generation is over, the PS4 will have outsold both the Wii and the PS1 easily. Therefore giving Sony the #1, #2, and #3 spots for all time highest selling HOME consoles (like I said in my original post).

kevnb99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I think the switch will sell quite well as well, probably around 100 million units. PS4 looks like it will pass 100 million though. The real story is that soon the switch will pass the xbox one, probably right after the christmas season. Xbox cant continue being so weak in Europe and especially japan.

Father__Merrin99d ago

The Wii shouldn't be included as it was a toy. Also Nintendo quickly cut software support after 4 years therefore ps360 was 1000 times better. The 80 million or so for the Wii did nothing for Wii owners

trooper_99d ago

@shaggy: What does that have to do with anything?

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GTgamer99d ago

Sony only competes with themselves 😂😂😂 that should be their new slogan.

kevnb99d ago

and sometimes nintendo, but xbox never seems to get it right.

PhoenixUp100d ago

Holy crap the PS4’s sales are on par with PS2’s in the same point unit its lifecycle.

It’ll outsell PS3 before the end of this year and outsell PS1 by the end of next year.

UltraNova99d ago

Say 100mil sold by the end of the fiscal year (March 2019) add another 15~ mill for the next year (march 2019) amd another 15 for the one after (march 2020) + say another 3-5 until Nov 2020(ps5 launch?) and we potentially have around 130 million ps4 sold before this gen is out!! How many ps2s were sold before the ps3 came out?

Zeke6899d ago

I think it was 110-112 million sold at PS3 launch.
So it seems PS4 have a great chance of outdoing the PS2 sales if they keep selling like they do now. :)

UltraNova99d ago (Edited 99d ago )


Keep in mind a potential price cut as well, its well overdue, combine that with heavy hitters like Spider man, Days gone, tLoU 2, and Death Stranding then there's no stopping this 15+ million units sold per year momentum they have going at the moment.

Edit: I've mistakenly repeated the March 2019 results on my OG post. So its 27 months (if ps5 comes out in Nov 2020) for the ps4 to sell another 48 mill consoles. Its gonna be crazy if they do it.

Zeke6899d ago

Yeah, I think the PS4/PS4 Pro's already begun flying off the shelves now (again) when gamers start to see all great games coming out from now up until christmas. I now ALOT of people that owns PS4 systems ,but at a party last weekend I talked to 5 people that just bought their first systems just for Spiderman and RDR2. I told them to buy God Of War too and mentioned upcoming patch and now at least 2 of them did buy it and love the game. :)
That will end up with more positive talk at their jobs and so on and.. like always with PS and the games, it spreads like rings on the water .
And most of my best friends /neighbours already upgraded to Pro for either Horizon or God Of War so many have dual systems at home. Great for the kids right ?! ;)

masterfox100d ago

wait for next month and the rest of the year, then 2019 starts and the competition will be obliterated in a molecular level ......Oh damn ! already PS4 done that!, hmmm oh yeah I know!, the competition will be obliterated in a atomic level !!, poor fellas :D

Playstation best gaming brand in history!!!

UltraNova99d ago

No, its gonna get uglier than that, we are talking about sub-atomic levels here, quarks!

GaboonViper99d ago

Facts, i wouldnt be the gamer i am if it wasnt for PS, 20 years plus of greatness and soon Spidey, DQ11, Days Gone and then.....LOU2, greatness.

99d ago
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