Ogle the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro From All Angles in Tons of Official Pictures

If you like the upcoming 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro that was just announced by Sony, you probably want to see more, in every minute detail.

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Ausbo4d ago

This thing looks fantastic. And I typically don’t like Sony’s limited edition consoles

DarkVoyager4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Agreed. They nailed this one. Looks amazing. Think I’ll pick up one of these DualShock 4 controllers next month.

GTgamer4d ago

Why wasn't the ps4 pro's original design I don't wanna buy another console and this one looks soooooo good.

PurpHerbison3d ago

They pumped out a lot of wack looking limited edition PS4 Pros before they finally nailed it. This looks amazing.

Why o why4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Lol. . That Spiderman one looked awful. . .this is way better . I prefer darker colours.

sampsonon3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

preferences shouldn't be down voted if stated as such.
I think the Spider Man bundle looks, dare i say, "AMAZING!" yet i still gave you an up vote.

TheRacingX3d ago

Its N4G, if you say ANYTHING remotely negative about SONY you get down voted automatically by the SDF... hey .... everyone has different tastes.... I personally LOVE my God of War limited Pro.... the dark casing and copper colored accent is OK, but meh...

Retroman4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Don't know about you guys.
it look like the same pspro model to me with Gold PlayStation emblem. nothing (Special) to be Hype about.

Retroman4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Still don't make it impressive.
Copper or Gold plate, nothing added to make anyone buy another one. that was my main point. it will (Not) out perform my pspro nor will display True 4k 60fps better. Best thing to do wait on PS5 with copper trimming if that's your liking

mixelon3d ago

How’re people disagreeing with “it’s translucent!” ?? Haha 😂

Retroman3d ago

why cant you guys understand simple reasoning?? "it dont matter" if its translucent or copper. what DIFFERENCE will it make?? .....still same ps-pro.

Sitdown3d ago

It comes with a 2TB HDD, now complain about something else. The difference is that people have a preference in how their console appears.

CorndogBurglar4d ago

You clearly don't understand the appeal.

It isn't being released to outperform the existing PS4 Pro...

Retroman3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Know i dont this 60 yr old gamer understand the diffderence between "MY" pro compare to this 500th model sprayed with copper around edges. Please!!!! share with with me significant purpose?? is it better no. sooooo naysayers , will "ANY" of you jump-up like a child buy this? knowing you (bought) one already.

Razzer3d ago

"Know i dont this 60 yr old gamer understand"

no way I believe this is serious.

jukins3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

obviously its not about it being better performing than other playstations its about its uniqueness and what it represents. the smae as any other limited edition console. your nuetral trolling is obvious . i'll also add 2tb hdd isnt that something? you get one of the coolest looking special editions to celebrate playstations history.

Retroman3d ago

Not hardly trolling. if you remember awhile back did not Sony introduce "grey" ps1 ( special editon) ps4-pro ( pro in japan) so how is 500th is special editon if sony announced it already for ps4. some of you guys talk out your A$$ES

Razzer3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Then why are you even here? are stale.

OgGaming273d ago

Look at it again and this time use your eyeballs.

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ziggurcat4d ago

that translucent blue with the copper accent is pretty slick.

I wish it was something I could afford :(

CorndogBurglar4d ago

Even if you could afford it, it will be next to impossible to get one for $500. These have such a small production number that the chances of getting one are slim and none. They will be selling on Ebay for over $1,000.

sampsonon3d ago

i wouldn't even crack the box if i got one.

it would be painful, so painful lol

who am kidding, it would be front and centre for everyone to see :)

jukins3d ago

never say never. if you want one just gotta be quick. also some retailers are doing preorders so you wont have to compete against just bots on the web. Im hoping my best buy or gamestop offers some up gonna trade my original in and pay the difference. although if i see it selling for $1000 or more and moving quick i will be selling it and getting a spiderman ps4pro

Matrix63d ago

The pics are so sizzling hot! 🔥
(I got a nose bleed from the excitement)

kayoss3d ago

That is a sexy looking machine.

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