Returning WoW players can't wait to play BfA for 3 months, quit for another 2 years

In just a few short days, Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft's seventh expansion, will launch, and the ensuing faction war between the Horde and Alliance already has former players back in the game.

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PhantomS4298d ago

Returning WoW players will do that meanwhile the more dedicated players will sit there and complain for 2 years until the next expansion comes out then all of a sudden the last expansion was the greatest thing ever. That's the WoW cycle for you.

Kind of like the Call of Duty cycle: Yearly game comes returning players are excited, they play it for a month, then complain how it's no different from last year's Call of Duty and swear off the franchise forever, 7 months later COD 20XX is announced and those players are super hyped attacking anyone who says that COD is a washed up copy/paste money pit.