Hooked Gamers: Afrika Preview

In a nutshell, the protagonist of Afrika assumes the role of a photojournalist hired to snap photos of the exotic animals of Africa. Gameplay is mission-driven, though you are free to take photos to your heart's content. At a base camp, which acts as the game's central hub, players will receive e-mails that ask them to complete specific objects. After receiving an e-mail, players can then travel by foot, jeep, or hot air balloon to locations where animals can be found.

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iHEARTboobs3705d ago

Would be awesome if you would be able to hunt yourself a bear and end up with a Bear skin rug for your home, in home. I hope it does make it to the states, i'd like to at least rent this.

TheTimeDoctor3704d ago

if it comes to the states the need to add some killing!