Why I Chose That Life is Strange Ending

Pure PlayStation: The anticipation of Life is Strange 2 and the great opening setup that was The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit got me thinking. Mostly about how I wish Dontnod will tie in the two different series, but that’s probably not going to happen. So all I have left is to reminisce about the original five episodes to the franchise and why I made the decisions I did. Especially after the prequel, Before the Storm, episodes. Now I know a lot of our readers are some of the smartest out there and the title of this article would be sufficient to inform anyone, buuuuuut obvious spoilers are obvious

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PhoenixUp103d ago

The ending basically boiled down to “Bay or Bae”

The7Reaper103d ago

Psshhh... I let her die, she said "hella" too much, that's worthy of death.

SegaGamer103d ago

One of the most annoying characters i have seen in a game in years. She had to die XD

The7Reaper103d ago

Lol seriously, it's supposed to be an emotional choice but that was the easiest choice in the whole game. lol