Can Destiny 2 Finally Save Itself?

, Destiny 2 has struggled to keep players in the game. With DLC launches and no real interest in the raids, and doing the same strikes over and over to grind for the loot, some people just got bored. Is there really anything that can save this franchise?

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PiNkFaIrYbOi99d ago

Nope it will crash and burn.

joab77797d ago

I don’t think so honestly! This expansion looks to be everything we wanted from D2. And that’s great...but...

Why wasn’t this released last September? It’s not rehashing b/c they made a giant mistake that is almost unforgivable, by ignoring those who stood with them for D1 through its problems. It was a huge middle finger that stayed straight in our faces until March or April of this year.

And now, instead of being part of a clan of 100, with all my friends that’s i olayed with throughout D1, there is no one left, and NO one planning to come back. A few stragglers might, but wtf!

OnlyThoseOnTheFence97d ago

Access to said "salvation" will cost players even more $$$ on top of the season pass they already bought. It's like dumping more and more money into a car that just keeps breaking down. Time to move on.

tombfan97d ago

It'd save itself if the such called "expansions" where more than just a couple of hours of content and extra grind to get the "late game" loot were FREE! Right now the 3 so called "expansions" are more expensive than the base game at launch.

spicelicka97d ago

Exactly this. Every time Destiny digs a hole and asks for money to be pulled out.

Chuuzuu97d ago

As a hardcore Destiny fan from the first game's Alpha, I'm sorry to say that I've completely lost interest in playing anymore. The first game had magic and mystery to it, Destiny 2 has nothing to keep me engaged in it's universe. I dare to say it, but to me the game is just boring. I don't know about you guys, but I'm hoping that Anthem is the Destiny 2 that I was looking for because that's where I'm off to now. Goodbye Destiny, you're not the same friend that I once knew...

Elda97d ago

I had more fun with the Destiny 1. Destiny 2 is just ok,I just finished Curse of Osiris which was boring,now I'm starting Warmind.

UnHoly_One97d ago

Warmind is better than Osiris, but that isn't saying a lot.

It's good, and has some neat things to hunt down.

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