Blizzard officially announces that “multiple” Diablo projects are currently in development

Warp Zoned writes:

"Blizzard has been hiring new employees for their “Unannounced Diablo Project” for more than two years now. And while we still don’t know anything concrete about where the developer is taking the famed franchise, they did officially (and finally) announce that “multiple” Diablo projects are currently in the works."

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Relientk77103d ago

Come on Diablo 4, been waiting years now.

Razzer102d ago

It has been way too long

lptmg103d ago

Diablo 3 for Switch sounds more than likely

Cmv38103d ago

Sounds likely, but I hope that port doesn't take away much from the other projects that are of more importance.

Davidgr2103d ago

Diablo 3 came out in 2012, and until this day Blizzard still supports it. Same goes with Overwatch, so whatever you guys are developing I’m buying day one.

bluefox755103d ago

Yeah, they really don't get enough credit for their post launch support. They're literally the best in the industry in that regard.

Gh05t103d ago

Maybe because there day one support was terrible. Diablo 3 launch was the worst launch game I have played... or rather couldnt play, it didnt settle down for 3 days. (I am not saying that there have not been worse launched games I am saying I wasnt a part of those worse launch games this one I was a part of).

Not to mention the terrible PvP (or lack of launch PvP even though it is on the box) and by the time I stopped playing it the "PvP" they did have was a joke.

Lets also talk about this auction house that they touted over and over again before release. Or how about them allowing a real money auction house to begin with and then when you spend money on the "META" items the next patch comes out, nerfs the META and the items you could have spent $250 a piece on are worthless because they decided they were too powerful, rather than making it "legacy" gear. Which brings up the point that they said the market would be controlled by the community which was completely false because they controlled the items and would buff and nerf items already acquired which influenced the market which let me remind you was REAL MONEY.

Lets also not forget that the developers literally said that some players weren't having fun correctly. I dont know about you but there is nothing like a developer telling me I am playing their game wrong so they have to fix it for me because i should not be having fun like that.

I was a huge Diablo 3 fan but they started treating a section of their community like pariah for a game that they made with the options trey added because we werent "playing" their game "right".

So I give them all the stabbed in the back credit they deserve.

Palitera103d ago

^ Ok, but POST LAUNCH... Do you agree that they took that initial mess and turned it into a marvelous game?

Gh05t103d ago


Probably and not really.

Post launch for the first year and a half was terrible. Jay Wilson was a terrible person to the community as people tried to express the frustration of the game, its mechanics, and the like.

I had already stopped playing by the time he quite the industry completely (good riddance). So did it improve after he left, maybe but the first "still post launch" two years was hot garbage from the devs. Did they turn that ship around for those who stayed... maybe, but they sure killed all love I had for the series and the company as a whole, I dont ever remember them apologizing for how the devs treated the fans who only wanted the best for the game.

Arxios102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Gh05t-The director responsible for that was let go, and since then the game has improved by leaps and bounds. The intial launch was a disappointment, but they have fully turned the game around.

Edited: for grammer

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bluefox755103d ago

This has me very excited. Am a huge Diablo fan, and have been hoping for a D4 announcement for a long time.

Sgt_Slaughter103d ago

Can we get a Diablo Trilogy in HD for all consoles/PC? Only played III and always wanted to try the first two but a modern update would help tremendously.

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