1UP: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

Review by Shane Bettenhausen:

"The original MotorStorm was rushed out the door in order to make the PlayStation 3's launch -- as its lackadaisical load times and bare-bones, fix-it-with-patches feature set clearly attested to -- yet the high quality of the underlying game made those rough edges bearable. With its breathtakingly lifelike visuals and unique approach to off-road racing against a rampaging pack of different vehicle types, MotorStorm succeeded in creating an arcadey, pick-up-and-play racer with an addictive hook.

With follow-up Pacific Rift, it's instantly clear that developer Evolution Studios has learned from its launch-lineup oversights."

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OgTheClever3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Isn't this the same score they gave to MGS4?

Lifendz3412d ago

with their reviews. You do not give MGS4 an A- and give Motorstorm 2 an A-. I know they're different genres and what not, but you just can't. Bubbles for you.

Rock Bottom3412d ago

To be honest I had low hops for this game, but that's just cause I'm not a racing games guy, for me racing games starts and ends with GT

Bubble Buddy3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Funny how Wii Music ties MGS4 and Motorstorm in their reviews.

ActionBastard3412d ago

MGS4 and MotorStorm 2 are EXACTLY the right games to compare review scores over. Everyone knows combat racing games CAN'T score an A-, that's reserved for action games. Or is it RPGs? Or sports games? Or puzzle games? The logic that 2 games from 2 separate genres can't receive the same score is, for lack of a better word, retarded. And not that differentiating right from wrong, Corky, Life Goes On retarded. Slingblade, I like mustard on my biscuits retarded.

Ghoul3412d ago

indeed "anction abstard"

you said it absolutly right. claiming that 2 different games cant score the same rating is totally irrational and silly.

FantasyStar3412d ago

Same score, different categories. Sounds right to me. You and your absurd paranoia.

masterg3411d ago

91% sounds about right to me.
I expected this game to be a 90+.

Speaking from playing the first one (which got lower scores than deserved) and playing the old build demo.

How on earth is no split screen in PURE not a problem when it was a huge deal 2 years ago on MotorStorm 1.

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ugabugaz3412d ago

It doesn't deserve that score...
Just my opinion, no need to flame me :P.

Tmac3412d ago

Then don't write flammable material, duh.

OgTheClever3412d ago

But have you personally played the full game yet?

morganfell3412d ago

@Tmac, especially when they write flammable material and make no attempt at any justification of such comments.

pain777pas3412d ago

Do we forget that games are supposed to be intuitive and fun for them to be good? Look MS PR is just that.

TheNewerGuy3412d ago

No surprise here,it's a Ps3 exclusive

morganfell3412d ago

Already paid off and I can't wait. w00t!

PoSTedUP3412d ago

not everyone likes an intence racing game, me personally thinks its one of the best and it is like one of my favorite games, but of course it will get mixed reviews.

morganfell3412d ago

Also it has that sense of blindingly crazy speed that no other game has been able to duplicate.

elshimiablo3412d ago

Another good game in PS3's lineup

where is Fart at Xfart kings?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3412d ago

Yep!!! That's the PS3 for you!!! ;-P
I still say 'OMG!!!' playing MotorStorm 1 now!!! ;-P
It's Pre-ordered!!!;)

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