PS5 vs. Xbox Two: Which Will Release First?

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have existed within gamers’ homes for some time now. Because of this, rumors have surfaced regarding the successors to both consoles.

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OB1Biker126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Regarding traditional consoles I suppose it depends on the components availability and if they will use the same ones?
The scarlet cloud seems to be be a very different approach and probably more than just a device/box. More like a service rather than some hardware. That should be available earlier I guess?

Apocalypse Shadow124d ago

If they both release within a year of each other, it will not be who offers it *FIRST* But who offers what *BEST* at a reasonable price.

And Sony has a history of providing that on a consistent basis worldwide every time because they have invested into the game industry and put in the work. You don't give an "A" for participation. You give an "A" for effort and the results of that effort.

There will never be a gap in time like PS3 had against the 360 worldwide launch ever again. Even if bluray, hdmi, larger hdds, built in WiFi, wireless controllers,bluetooth, etc were worth it in the end that we enjoy the fruits of today.

Near simultaneous launches are expected.

darthv72124d ago

Only this gen were they simultaneous. That isnt a requirement, it's just how it worked out. They will likely be staggered again for both 9th gen entries. Sony may do 2019 while MS will go for 2020 at the earliest (for both). In the mean time I can see both shifting resources from the base model and focusing on the upgraded units to close out the 8th gen on a high. Games built specifically for pro and X will likely be forward compatible with 9th gen but 9th gen games wont be back compat.

Rude-ro124d ago

They will stay close.
That third party fight and contracts hinders any console late to the party. Microsoft knows this and Sony knows this.
Sony had to learn the fight the beginning of last gen and it was a wake up call that Microsoft was in the business of selling a console the way they sell anything.. they fought back... and being this is sonys bread and butter.. you can be sure they will continue to fight for it.
If Sony releases something, Microsoft will be right there to keep the consumer fanboy war afloat.
Microsoft is now a border line pc that can not run a true Windows os... going up from here, that is all they are. A cheap gaming pc.
Sony is still pushing tech in all directions as far as game developing goes and they are trying push ground breaking on a budget and they are succeeding.. they can release a console because they dolidified themselves of being a gaming company. Microsoft has not.

Apocalypse Shadow124d ago

Darth, Sony would never drop its base of PS4 gamers just to make games for the Pro exclusively.

That's a Microsoft thing of dropping gamers for new pastures. Not Sony. Why would any company knowingly drop the larger community to try and make money on a smaller one just for graphics. There's like 65-70 million PS4s and maybe 10-15 million Pro systems.

PS5 will be out but expect games to still be made on PS4 and Pro to help fund PS5 development as it has always been done. You don't put all your eggs in one basket. Especially a smaller one. When PS5 matures and there are millions of systems to profit on, then expect both to be dropped. Not before. And not just one and that forward compatibility nonsense. It's still *backwards compatibility*. No need for a new term created when there's already one there.

124d ago
stefan_771124d ago

Sony have already confirmed 2021

darthv72124d ago

@stefan, the only thing confirmed for 2021 from Sony is that is when PS4 support will end. They always release the followup two years prior to ending support for the former. Hence why I say 2019 at the earliest.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

To begin with, it's unlikely anyone wants to risk letting their competition get a head start on them.

Second, if they're making consoles at the magic price point, and they'd be stupid not to, then they should have roughly similar specs (it depends on what they prioritize) and release roughly the same time.

Third, Sony said no major hardware focus for three years, so 2021 (we might as well lock that in)? To give them leeway, maybe 2020 at the earliest, but I consider a PS5 to be a major piece of hardware. Microsoft might go earlier or later, but if they go earlier, they'll probably sacrifice performance/specs for an early lead, and I don't see why they'd go significantly later than Sony.

Fourth, why drop support for vanilla consoles? Sony has never done this, you can counter they've never had a mid gen upgrade, but they have released slim version without dropping the originals. Why leave such a large player base in the cold when you can give them the option of spending their money on games for your console? Are you saying they don't want to wring every dollar they can out of their consumers? Not everyone is going to rush out and buy the newest console because Sony tried to force them, why buy a PS5 when you can upgrade to a PS4 PRO for less (some people don't care as much about graphics and performance as budget is the biggest factor for the average consumer)?

I suspect Sony wouldn't care for forward compatibility, it doesn't really make sense, they can just release two versions of a given game, a PS4 version and a PS5 Version. Consoles this gen onwards are like PCs anyway, it probably won't be that much hardship on the developers side to decrease some settings, omit some features and slap a ps4 sticker on the case (if you have a PRO you get the premium experience of the PS4 version). There's no point handicapping PS5 games by making them "forward compatible" with PS4, especially when the CPU is a prime candidate for a significant upgrade next gen. Two versions or ports is guaranteed, Xbox may be different with the XoneX, but they're going to handicap themselves with that CPU.

As for Microsoft, things may get interesting, supposedly they plan for multiple SKUs, so if they may release their base/basic model at the same time as the PS5, and then later, release a mid-range and a high performance model, or maybe a online only model without a disc drive but a bigger hard drive. So in essence, a staggered release is a possibility if they are releasing multilple consoles next gen.

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TheCommentator124d ago

PS5 will launch first because they are already significantly behind in power. Conversely, MS waited until Sony launched mid-gen before launching theirs. MS now says that they plan on having the most powerful HW of next gen and, since MS has designed Forwards Compatibility for all of their future consoles (effectively doing away with console generations), I believe that when MS launches Scarlett that Scarlett games will play on the 1X in 1080p as well. That said, it's my opinion that MS can afford to wait until after Sony launches.

Srhalo124d ago

I don't think power has any significant impact on the market or Sony's decision on when to release the next gen.
Regardless of any differences in power PS4 is still outselling xbox 3:1 and the fact that the Switch (the least powerful console) is also outselling "the most powerful console in the world" really shows that the consumers aren't that interested in power when it comes to their purchases.

TheCommentator124d ago

I wasn't talking about sales (it's not the subject of the article). I was talking about MS' plans to wait by using the available information to form my opinion. MS says they'll have the most powerful next gen console, which simply indicates a later release than Sony.

Srhalo124d ago

Your opening line and the basis for everything you say is about power. I'm saying that's not important and explaining why. It's as simple as that.

shinoff2183124d ago

The commentator. Ms gas said loys and lots of things that doesn't always make it true. I still believe sony has the games to bid them some more time

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


I'm pretty sure Sony is going with 2021 when you look at all the factors objectively (Sony's reports, release of 3rd gen Ryzen, release of Navi, time to get production flowing and warehouses/stores stocked, ect...). I don't think the Xbox successor will release in 2022, 2021 is the latest I would guess so it would end up as a simultaneous release in the end anyway, most likely.

TheCommentator123d ago

I know. Way to miss the point of who will launch first by changing the subject to how power doesn't matter.

Srhalo123d ago


"Way to miss the point of who will launch first by changing the subject to how power doesn't matter. "

You said this.

"PS5 will launch first because they are already significantly behind in power."

I didn't change the subject at all, you started the power discussion, I simply disagreed with what you said.

Judging from the agree/disagree ratio's I think most people agree with me and disagree with you.

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StormSnooper124d ago

Conversely, Sony is swimming in its success and can wait for MS to release first.

TheCommentator124d ago

Like they waited in launching a mid-gen console that could render native 4K?

Srhalo124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


No one really cares about native 4k beyond the talking point. It's not the deciding factor of most peoples console or software purchases. That's why PS4 and Switch are outselling xbox in both hardware and software. The proof is the fact that for both xbox and PS4 the base model are still the best selling SKU's.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

I actually think the PRO is a better machine from a business perspective, 4K is still early days yet (and games/hardware are still struggling with it) and I don't think we'll see 4k become common until the ps6/xbox920.

TheCommentator123d ago

@ Srhalo

Way to change the subject again. Storm Snooper said Sony can afford to wait because of their sales advantage, yet they didn't wait longer than MS in releasing an underwhelming mid-gen console.

Srhalo123d ago


I wasn't replying to him I was replying to you.

In all honesty your the one most off topic here, your just using this as a console war platform. Saying things like "underwhelming mid-gen console" really put light to what your motivations are here.

All I have done is give examples of why power isn't the deciding factor of when Sony will enter next gen.

StormSnooper122d ago

Just because they released their mid-generation console first doesn’t necessarily mean they will release first in the next generation as well. I’m sure you can contemplate the endless possible variables yourself without me having to spell them out for you.

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KwietStorm124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

The first Xbox was more powerful than PS2, and it introduced XBL, yet the 360 came out before PS3 did. Power has nothing to do with going up against a sales juggernaut. Xbox is the one that is behind, by several miles, and they are the ones who have to counterpunch PlayStation.

TheCommentator124d ago

You're not factoring the software support that MS is capable of through FC and not having generational consoles any longer, which means that 1X will play Scarlett games in 1080p and is already generating "next gen" install base with every 1X sold. They're already winning "next gen"...

Srhalo124d ago


I think your getting ahead of yourself here. You don't know what the next gen will bring anymore than anyone else.

TheCommentator123d ago

@ Srhalo

Once again the point escapes you. MS has already said they're not doing console generations any longer and the 1X has a new architecture which is capable of more advanced processing (than a second GPU duct-taped to the first). This is what MS has said about their consoles and I'm not jumping to conclusions about anything. MS didn't make a new architecture for the 1X just to make XB1 games look better, they did it for their new console business model.

Srhalo123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


Once again your language shows your just using this as a soapbox for your console war.

At some point Microsoft will have to have a full new generation or else they will be held back from new tech. For example ray-tracing, if next gen adopts this tech the older generations will likely not be able to move forward with the next gen. Even things like moving to Ryzen or other CPU tech's may prevent older consoles from keeping up with AI or other more advanced features in the next gen.

Look at mobile, at some point newer aps and software simply aren't compatible with older devices anymore because they don't offer features and code the newer phones take advantage of. The Iphone X is a perfect example it's still an Iphone but has software other Iphones can't run.

And you should want the generations to move forward beyond just resolution. New generations should be able to do things the prior generations couldn't. For example the current generation was able to have large open worlds that last generation couldn't do, due to the increase in memory capacity. What is even the point of new consoles if they are going to constantly be held back by the lowest common denominator?

Like I said before, your getting ahead of yourself. Perhaps you should wait until you see what next gen is before you talk about it like you know.

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NXFather124d ago

I actually think they are going to use the X the same way as the scarlet box and the scarlet along with the X will be cheaper at the time. And possibly the original ONE. And that they will all offer [email protected]

KwietStorm124d ago

They're already winning next gen?? That's the funniest shit I've read yet in this silly ass n4g community.

TheCommentator123d ago

You obviously don't read what Sony fans typically write then.

shinoff2183124d ago

The thing with that is sony is still cranking out tons of exclusives and ms has kinda been quiet on that front. Sony has the games 1st and 3rd party exclusives to buy themselves some more time

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

Sony can almost choose when they want next gen to start, I don't think xbox has that influence, especially when the tech isn't quite yet available at a price point advantageous to them

TheCommentator123d ago

Yes. Quietly acquired six new first party studios to make games for the remainder of this gen and through the next. Why even bring this up when the subject is who will launch first? I haven't seen one reasonable post trying to argue why Sony will not launch first when all the available information to form an opinion points to MS waiting until after Sony drops PS5.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

I can't agree power would be a factor, if companies could, they'd stick with the oldest tech they could get away with and still push it out if people buy it (most people are buying PS4s still and it's mainly the vanilla one).

The big determining factor as it stands will be saturation point, once everyone or close to have a PS4 and sales are decreasing significantly enough, that's when Sony will push out a PS5. They've probably already done a business analysis on this and determined that sales will peter out or stagnate by 2021.

You could argue novelty would factor in, but those people are snapping up Switches or Xones or PCs as secondary systems if they're not waiting for a ps5.

TheCommentator123d ago

Man, you guys are all going to be in for a real shock when "Next gen" arrives. The denial and deflection around here by fanboys is unreal.

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Fist4achin124d ago

I will be first as a gamer and support good games regardless of which system/console they are on.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

I don't really care since it's pretty much decided I'll buy the PS5, even then, it won't be right away. Let's see if I can hold out for a PRO version this time if they do make one.

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