Now is the Perfect Time for an Xbox Handheld

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Ever since Microsoft threw their hat into the console ring back in 2001 one question that has surrounded the company is whether or not they would also create a dedicated handheld device to accompany their Xbox consoles."

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DarkVoyager131d ago

Xbox One barely has any worthwhile exclusives and you somehow think it’s the perfect time for a Xbox handheld?

MetalGearsofWar130d ago

Are you implying people will rather buy an exclusive over playing fortnite?

TheSaint130d ago

Are YOU implying exclusives aren't near essential for selling consoles?

MetalGearsofWar129d ago

I'm implying no exclusive will touch GTA numbers, or any other popular multiplayer.
So why not a portable?

DigitalRaptor130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Microsoft doesn't have the development resources to support a separate system-selling line of handheld games in addition to their current and future console games. They could have a handheld that only played third-party games and streamed their console games to it, but first-party would be dire. Sony just about scraped by with the Vita considering the support overlap of PS3, Vita and then PS4 and even that was considered a failure. If people complained about Sony not giving Vita enough of a first-party push, well guess what Microsoft will handle ten times worse than that?

Until they have enough of a number and variety of studios who could make handheld games without compromising what releases on the home console and PC, then it's certainly not a perfect time.

conanlifts130d ago

They don't need seperate games. They could make a handheld and design it so Xbox One games run on it. The biggest challenge would be storage space. But this model could work.

FinalFantasyFanatic130d ago


They'll have more than storage to worry about, it's a brand new piece of hardware, you need to design it, battery life, internal specs, storage medium (UMDs, cartridges, digital only, ect...), how it's going to mesh with the xbox ecosystem, whether developers will port their games to it, ect... There's so much to consider and you certainly can't half-ass it when Nintendo can so easily destroy new competitors with no foothold in the handheld market (don't try to refute with Windows Phone, it sucks hard).

FinalFantasyFanatic130d ago

It'll be a death worse than the Vita's!

lollord131d ago

Portables are made for japan really, so xbox will never really acre about them.

PhoenixUp131d ago

No, now is the worse time for it

Eonjay130d ago

I agree and its apparent that Microsoft wants to go for a streaming service approach to handhelds than rather designing new portable hardware. I am convinced that we are more likely to get an Xbox streaming app for Switch before we get a handheld from Xbox.

gamer7804130d ago

now would basically mean for next gen, which they will have more studios to make games for it. plus all the third party.

porkChop131d ago

No it isn't. If MS can successfully build a stable of strong first party teams and IP next gen, then maybe they could try it if they wanted to. But right now MS doesn't have the software output to support a handheld.

Spurg131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

If 5 studios acquisitions don't give you a hint that they are improving their first party lineup then I don't know what will.

Ms need to find a way to compete with the Nintendo switch and making portableish device will steal some of nintendo switch's thunder.

porkChop130d ago

I didn't say they aren't improving. I said successfully, meaning if MS actually achieves what it's trying to do with first party.

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Phoenix76130d ago

"If 5 studios acquisitions don't give you a hint that they are improving their first party lineup then I don't know what will."

Yes, acquiring 5 studios has certainly improved their current image. However, we aren't likely to see anything from those studios for at least another 3-5 years, and even then, there is no guarantee whatsoever that they will be system selling titles or even good games. Far too early to be blowing the MS trumpet Atm.

"Ms need to find a way to compete with the Nintendo switch and making portableish device will steal some of nintendo switch's thunder."

I've been a gamer since the late 70's and I have never known of a 'western' made handheld console that could ever of been seen as a rival for an 'Eastern' made handheld console. If MS were to make one, it wouldn't last long on the market.

jznrpg130d ago

How many of those studios weren’t releasing games on Xbox? The only studio that makes any difference is Ninja Theory and they were a small studio . The rest were already making games for Xbox.

FinalFantasyFanatic130d ago

@Sprug, @Oliver_Twist,

It's not the Switch, it's the 3DS they gotta compete with.

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Srhalo131d ago

They are having enough trouble selling the xbox brand I can't see how "now is the perfect time".

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