Jolt Review: Saints Row 2

For a lot of us, Saints Row was just a next-gen stopgap until GTA4 came along, and to some degree the game suffered not because of the similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series, but because of the areas where it differed. Ironically it has taken the release of Rockstar's latest masterpiece to really underline why this plucky rival isn't just a less witty clone. There's no denying the relationship between the two games, but Saints Row 2 is more like GTA4's younger, more rebellious brother. Vive la différence.

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Th3 Chr0nic3677d ago

i cant understand why people are so willing to overlook the many flaws in this game. I mean the graphical glitches themselves are ridiculous. If GTA4 would have came out with this many bugs there would have been tons of reviews scoring way lower than this. The first time i saw someone get stuck in the trunk of my car i was like omg u have to be kidding me right. seriously people like to hate on games like gta 4 but then praise something similar that has more flaws. ....i dont understand