4 Reasons Why Dead Space is the Scariest Game Ever

Erik Sofge of Popular Mechanics writes:

"Dead Space, the new survival horror video game, is a major step forward in the genre, with panic-inducing game mechanics that are as effective as they are subtle. But what makes it so scary? Our gaming expert has some ideas, and he spoke to the EA wizards behind the game to get the details. Here are the four explanations for why you won't want to play Dead Space alone in the dark."

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dachiefsman3708d ago

I am almost half-way through and I still think the original Silent Hill was more scary.

Baba19063708d ago

silent hill was sooooooooo crazy. sooo scary. i am really excited for this one and hope it is a scary as SH1


oh its definently scary as sh1t, i have it, im on chapter 9 or 10 i dont remember right now, but the things you see and fight against is awesome but brutally scary, its a must buy if you like horror games.

dj_funky3708d ago

scary game but not as scary as siren: new translation.