Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost five years old — and the makers say there's plenty more content to come

The "Grand Theft Auto" series has always been popular, but "Grand Theft Auto 5" is a phenomenon that's nearing 100 million units sold.

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cannon880072d ago

They are milking the crap out of this game lol

b163o172d ago

How bout some single player DLC....

cannon880072d ago

That would be great but I don't think they'll make any. Too busy reaping all that cash.

subtenko72d ago

Interesting way to put it. Im enjoying the free updates and additional content for a $60 game (i got also at a discount but my upgrade to ps4 version made it $60 again)

KyRo72d ago

That you need to dedicate your whole life too to get enough to get a car. They boast about having free DLC but costs godly amounts of in game cash that it became pay to win for the rich kids. The racing is the best thing about GTAO

JackBNimble71d ago

If you haven't figured out how to make money in Gta5 after 5 years, then you obviously don't play the game.

The only people crying about optional MT's with free updates are the people who don't play the game or at least online.

subtenko71d ago

I play the game online alot and I like it and have no complaints. You arent me and I dont expect you to agree with me but you cant speak for my own personal experience or opinion. I have no complaints. You do. Ok then

patrick172d ago

The game was built to last. I would buy it a third time around if it was ported to the switch. They deserve to make money off of a beautifully built game stacked with content.

UltraNova72d ago

They made enough money off V to cover all expenses for GTA 6,7,8,9 and 10 if they keep milking it for another year or two.

JackBNimble71d ago

Milking a game with free updates.... go figure.

Born2Game8371d ago

They would be stupid not to. And would you stop selling and milking a product that is making you money after money.

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Father__Merrin72d ago

New content has always been for GTA online tho

spicelicka72d ago

yeaa where are the expansions like Ballad of Gay Tony??

littletad72d ago

They aren't going to, because it wouldn't be as profitable as simply adding new content for the online portion. Less work, more revenue. With new story content, they'd have to make new assets, voice over artists, music license and such. They're simply taking the more profitable route. This worries me for RDR2.

NateBOY72d ago

the first impressions of RDR 2 were very positive, the interactions with npcs and characters seems really innovative and differentiated from other games, did you read them?

kevnb72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@littletad it’s certainly not less work, but it’s much more money that keeps coming. They wouldn’t need new assets and songs for single player content expansions anymore than multiplayer, but yes I suppose they would have to do a bit of voice acting. Multiplayer content has its own costs though, it’s not straight forward to make online content like some people here seem to think. Just look at the cost to make an mmo like Star Wars compared to a game like even god of war.

Edit: who would disagree with the truth? Just because you like single player better doesn’t mean it’s more work for developers, that’s simply not how game development works.. game development is hard and network game development is even harder. Anyone who says otherwise has no clue what they are talking about.

littletad72d ago

@NateBoy - I don't think you understood my statement at all. My concern is over the online portions and future content of RDR2, not the inititial offering.

@kevnb - I'm a former vg journalist, I'm not the only writer to confirm it's much easier to update the online game with content than to create story related episodic expansion packs. Forbes did a great article explaining this, as well as numerous other sites. So I'm not sure where you're getting your views, but across the board, it would require less work in every category.

CertifiedGamer72d ago

@littletad RDR2 already has content stuck on a pay wall off the gate. If you decide to get the $59.99 dollar regular edition then you do not have access to 2 chapters in the game. In order to have those chapter you need to buy the Red Dead Redemption 2 Special edition which cost $79.99

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Iceball200072d ago

Yeah that’s good an all, but I want single player content. But don’t think that’s going to happen.

stefan_77172d ago

According to a Rockstar employee it was cancelled to do the remasters and it's almost certain GTA VI has been in development the last 4-5 years so GTA V DLC will never happen

Skankinruby72d ago

Of course there is, puppets won't stop buying this game why would they stop

WeebLord72d ago

I'm curious what he means by "puppets"?

CDbiggen72d ago

This has only made me realise that there hasn't been a new mainline GTA this gen.

STK02672d ago

And there likely won't be one either seeing how the next-gen platforms are set to launch in maybe two years at most.

DoubleTTB2272d ago

It will probably be cross gen at this point

stefan_77172d ago (Edited 72d ago )

GTA VI will be a current generation game. It's Rockstars biggest franchise and Rockstar north have probably been working on it since the release of GTA V. If it has an 8 year development cycle like RDR 2 then that would mean it will release in 2021, the same year Sony have practically confirmed the PS5 will release

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