Keeping Sea of Thieves Afloat

Rare details how free expansions, focusing on the unexpected, and avoiding egregious monetisation has given its pirate game a buoyant future

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TGG_overlord130d ago

I've just played the game a little bit on the Xbox One, but I found the game to be quite fun.

Jackhass130d ago

Rare is definitely doing a good job supporting the game post-launch.

HaveSumNuts130d ago

This game so "barebones" on content that skeletons are the only humanoid enemy lol

Jinger129d ago

Cursed Sails has been a wonderful addition. The Skeleton AI ships are a blast to fight, the best is when you get Meg in the mix as well as 2 or 3 other human crews... just chaos.

MLGecko129d ago

Is the curse that everyone lost $60?

Jinger129d ago

I'm sure most people GamePassed it. I never bought it myself.

Brazz129d ago

Whit all due respect, It's not looking good for SoT. The games got very low meta.score, it's prety much dead on twitch, sales are kinda slow since it can't even make top 20 on latest NPD ( on the other side UK sales are good). No trying to be a negative, but many things are showing that the game is far from "good results".

Jinger129d ago

Well I don't think anyone but Rare and MS can make that call, if they're still seeing a decent amount of players returning to try out the content drops along with their regular fanbase that could be good for them.

TheCommentator129d ago

With all due respect, read the article. You're not qualified to make erroneous statements about the success of SoT, especially with your anecdotal evidence. TBH, there's more evidence to the contrary.
Rare was shocked by the initial success of the game and has ADDED people (they have four teams working on DLC now) to the development staff for post launch content because of the success they've seen. There will also be a total of six expansions by the years' end:

"I think we had a view of how many people we thought were going to turn up, we had our wildest dreams, we had a contingency on our wildest dreams, and then we had the reality of people that actually turned up," he explains. "So it was bumpy just because of the sheer amount of people coming into the game. There was a huge spike at the start, but after two weeks we managed to stabilise all that and then rolled into quality of life fixes."

"We actually have more people working on the game now than we did before launch," says Chapman. "We're doubling down on this massive success. We want to keep expanding this world - it's pirate fantasy so there's a million and one ideas we can explore."

All in all, this means Rare's online pirate game will have six hefty expansions, plus a few features added through the regular events, by the end of the year - an impressive feat compared to the likes of Destiny, where new expansions are only release once or twice a year.

ThinkThink129d ago

hahaha NPD. Gee, I wonder if Gamepass has anything to do with that?