Loot Ninja Impressions: Resistance 2 Beta

Loot Ninja writes:

"I've had the pleasure of spending the past few days with the Resistance 2 beta with both online multiplayer and co-op. While I played the first game briefly, I never got deep into either the single or multiplayer aspects. But after spending a good deal of time with the beta for the sequel, I can see this taking up a lot of my multiplayer gaming time this Fall."

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taz80803677d ago

Resistance two videos have looked incredible, if the game comes even close to that, then SOny has a winner.

drunkpandas3677d ago

The gameplay in the beta is pretty solid. Some quicks, as to be expected in beta, but it's a fun multiplayer title

taz80803677d ago

Many are already calling this FPS of the year, will have some stiff competition with new Halo game and COD:WaW

drunkpandas3677d ago

It's going to be tough this Holiday season with so many great games. Not sure I'd go as far as to call this shooter of the year

Tmac3677d ago

Ur playing the beta :/

dubbalubagis3677d ago

Graphics look great but I never have played these games. Halo is still #1 in my heart.

drunkpandas3677d ago

While Resistance 2 is going to be a very solid game, I don't think it will be remotely enough to lure die-hard Halo fans over to the PS3.

Blackmoses3677d ago

but maybe the multiplayer will drag some. I'm telling you there's something about 40 -50 Chimera comming after your squad of 8 that really gives you that feeling of an all out War. It is in my book better than COD4 online but have heard that COD5 plays better. Wanna see for myself though.


drunkpandas3677d ago

While I agree, I can see Xbox 360 fans arguing that you can get that with Horde mode in Gears of War 2.

greyishfox3677d ago

It seems to be planting the seeds for the original IP to build up to a powerhouse for this system. The PS3's Halo? Thoughts?

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fiercescuba3677d ago

if they can pull off a game this large with no lag and no spawn killing... me likey.

drunkpandas3677d ago

I actually encountered spawn killing on one map today in standard Deathmatch. I think the spawn points on that one map need to be reworked and/or randomized

fiercescuba3677d ago

I would have to say R2 > COD5. Can't say on halo 3 or COD4 yet. Need to play full release

drunkpandas3677d ago

I'd have to agree. While CoD5 will be solid, I think going back to WW2 turns a lot of people off after CoD4.

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