Fable II unforgettable experience, whether you cry is up to you, says Molyneux

Peter Molyneux had one goal in mind for Fable II: to make a game you'd never forget.

"What I did with Fable II," he told Destructoid a few weeks ago at Tokyo Game Show, "is I wrote on this board, 'I'm going to make a game people will never forget.' They will never forget the story, and they will never forget the experience."

Destructoid has grown used to this kind of grand talk from Molyneux, well-known for touting the original Fable as 'the best role playing game of all time' before its release.

"I think that's a much more ambitious thing to say than even [that]," he continued. "Because ultimately, I'm saying [that] your favorite film may be Silence of the Lambs ... forget that. Your mind is going to now think about Fable II."

Unforgettable perhaps, but can it spark emotion, even make you shed a tear? As Molyneux put it, he leaves that in the player's hands.

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vitz33704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

"What I did with Fable II"
"I did with Fable II"
"I did with Fable"
"I did with"
"I did"

That's just arrogant. We have another Itagaki on our hands. How about crediting the TEAM, you know, the ones the did all the overtime, designs, programming, art, music, sound, etc.

What a jackass.