At What Point Is A New Game So Glitchy It's Considered A Defective Product?

GameRVW asks when it is that a game has so many glitches it can no longer be considered a viable product. Arkham Knight anyone?

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ArchangelMike105d ago

Publishers always seem to get a free pass when it comes to glitched out games. Consumers would never accept this sort of thing with any other product. If you bought a phone and it had a glitch, you would return it to the store. Or if you bought a shirt and none of the buttons were sewn on, or a pair of pants were the zipper was broken etc etc. You'd go straight back to the store for a refund. I don't understand how publishers get away with releasing broken and faulty products year after year.

Cmv38105d ago

Not true even though I sort of agree. Buying software, there is an understanding that there may be bugs or glitches. Should we accept any? That's a different discussion, because as a society we already gave a pass to the existence of some. The question is to degree which case it probably and unfairly depends on the developers. Bethesda will get more leeway than ea or Activision.

But there comes a point when the game is broken.... and that usually involves crashes and freezing. Nobody can stomach much of starting a game just to restart outside of your own control.

fiveby9105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

It is noteworthy that the title of the article contains the words "So Glitchy". That surely aligns with your opinion that it is a matter of quantity and severity of the 'glitch'. Game breaking or immersion breaking bugs can be quite numerous in some released games. We've been conditioned early on through earlier days of MS DOS and Windows to needing press Ctrl-Alt-Delete as acceptable conditions of a product. But that said I wish game companies would test and fix more bugs before release.

Side note: I call them bugs not glitches. Not sure when the term glitch took over. In the software world, we don't file software glitches. We file software bugs. But whatever...

cyclindk105d ago

All valid points... Interesting question for sure. Difficult to quantify/qualify.

Cobra951105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

The acceptable number of game-breaking bugs is zero. The complexity of modern games doesn't earn the developers a pass on this. Missing a texture, one wrong voice-over, or a few other such trivialities--fine. Fix it ASAP, but not a deal breaker. A game that can't be played to completion, crashes or freezes constantly, or corrupts its own save data is a defective product like any other, and should be returned for a full refund.

CrimsonWing69105d ago

I'd say when you literally cannot play through the game.

Andy_Dee105d ago

When normal progression isn't working at all, the game breaks for specific things that also connects to progression or normal player functions.

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