Street Fighter V Update Version 2.05 Is Out Now; Adds New Playable Fighters

Capcom has released a brand new update today that adds the latest batch of new characters to the game.

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gangsta_red42d ago

Sagat looks like he's going to be OP in all the wrong and right hands.

Srhalo42d ago

I doubt it. I have played this game tons and honestly it's easily one of the most balanced fighting games out there.

CDzNutts41d ago

Not even the competitive community thinks this. lol.

darthv7242d ago

Sagat... one of my favorites. Took them long enough to bring him back.

Srhalo42d ago

Yea, the roster started off pretty bare but they have been alternating new and old characters and now the roster is pretty stacked.

This is the end of this season it'll be interesting too see who next season brings. I hope it's more Alpha characters like Rolento or Guy, or some SF4 characters.

KwietStorm42d ago

Can't understand how it took them this long. I'm waiting to see how many Sagat players stick with him or if he gets the Akuma treatment.

Srhalo41d ago

Whats the Akuma treatment? Akuma is the character I have the third most matches vs after Ryu and Ken.

KwietStorm41d ago

A lot of Akuma mains didn't like him when he was new and they went with other characters. Tokido wins Evo and everyone is screaming top tier.

TheRealAwest81542d ago

c'mon capcom just give the fans what they want in season4! fei long, sodom & deej jay !

ILostMyMind42d ago

Fei Long and Dee Jay would be cool but, who the fuck wants Sodom?

TheRealAwest81542d ago

A lot of people want sodom, he was only playable in alpha series. His fan base is waiting for his return.

CDzNutts41d ago

As far as Alpha characters go, I would much rather be Adonized than Sodomized.

ILostMyMind41d ago

I agree completely. Adon is powerful character.