HyperX Announces Its First Licensed PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

New HyperX Cloud for PS4 Brings One of the Most Comfortable Headsets to Console Players

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Srhalo104d ago

The current Cloud with USB has support for 3D audio with PS4. If you have an older version you can download an update from the webpage to patch in support. So while it's nice they have an official model you don't need to buy it if you have an older one.

TerminalGamer104d ago

I've been using the same ones since my 2014 review, so it might be time for an upgrade anyway.

itBourne103d ago

I will stick with my beautiful first gen white and black Cloud headset...

TerminalGamer103d ago

4 years later and I have yet to try another set I like more.

UltraNova103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Turtle Beach Elite 800 owner here. 4 years and counting. I've tried at least 5 more headsets so far(including Sony's Platinums) and none, I mean none can hold a candle to the TBs.. seriously the sound depth, quality and surround is unmatched. The only aspect I found was the bass on the Astro 50s was deeper, meatier if you like, other than that super happy with the 800s.

BlackDoomAx103d ago

Cloud 2 owner, playing on Ps4 for more than 2 years. Best quality/price headset.