GamePro: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

The inconsistency that rocks the camera can also be observed in the visuals, which take on an uneven quality. Characters look fantastic and there are a number of impressive scenes, particularly in the later half of the game. That comes at the cost of a smooth performance, though. Later stages that pack the screen with hordes of symbiotes or loads of special effects cause the game to stutter significantly. By the time you reach those points in the game, though, you'll have fallen in love with the combat system. Spidey's adventure gets entangled in a number of silly issues, but the action is so satisfying that you're likely to skim over them just as you would those few panels in a comic book.

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Sena Kobayakawa3677d ago

the game looks cool I think. I bet any Marvel fan will love it. I'll try the game soon.

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

Gam713677d ago

Always liked spidey games.

I think its the swinging. Something different to running and flying you usually get in games.

Might rent this first.

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factory3677d ago

i just cant find time to squeeze decent games in inbetween all the greaT games coming out these next few weeks and last week.i could buy it , but when would i play it. and i love spiderman

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The story is too old to be commented.