Tekken 7 Director Competes At EVO 2018, Gets Eliminated But Wins Much More In Return

Tekken 7 director Katsuhiro Harada's participation at this year's EVO is a great example of how a close bond between players and developers can eventually lead to a bigger and more united community.

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ZaWarudo134d ago

There's a ongoing joke that if you beat Harada with your main, he'll nerf it lmao.

gangsta_red134d ago

I laughed at every joke that was made about that too.

boing1134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

They just announced Anna, Lei and Negan from Walking Dead along with Season Pass 2.

blackblades134d ago

Still can't believe they added negan.

Smokehouse134d ago

Such a great top 8. I don’t even play Tekken and I was hyped. The crowd was cheering USA just to support the home team. Evo is true diversity and it really is the best of gaming on display. The fake culture warriors need to take notes on how it’s done.

Platformgamer134d ago

far related, but finally they put lei in tekken 7 <3
the waiting for a complete edition will be longer but i'll buy that at day one

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