Meet the Chinese console that's like PS4 Pro - but with AMD's next-gen CPU

AMD has collaborated with hardware manufacturer Zhongshan Subor to create custom console hardware for the Chinese market - and first impressions suggest a h…

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SirJoJo104d ago

Hmm, it will be interesting to see where this thing sits in real world benchmark results

ABizzel1104d ago

Price will make or break it, and unfortunately these type of device often cost 2x the cost of a similarly spaced console since there’s no expectation of tens of millions of these being produced and sold.

I’d say $600 is the expectedly price. You can build a better PC on your own, but you’re paying a premium for a prebuilt gaming pc with solid specs.

Eonjay104d ago

Also, it's a PC... this should be compared to other PCs not consoles.

Kryptix104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Lots of insecurity in the comment section right now instead of embracing the idea. It's not only a console or PC, it's a hybrid; a PC architecture inside a console shell like Steam Machine. Does the Switch need to only be compared to other handhelds because it can be a handheld docked to become a console? No, and disagree all you want, but logic is that it can still be able to be compared in certain aspects.

4 core Ryzen at 3.0Ghz is good enough for 60fps, even more in less demanding games. GPU seems to be the weak point to output higher resolutions than 1080p, but being of Vega architecture, it can offer a few features that both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X doesn't have, but it's a rare occurrence.

Due to no dedicated system memory of DDR4 like on PCs, this won't exactly have the same multitask experience of a desktop PC. I expect a game mode with limited OS functionality after launching a game.

It's decent, not much of a wow factor, but a smart move on AMD's part to retry the Steam Machine idea and sell more of their products, especially due to the PC gaming dominated market in China.

Due to lack of DDR4 which is expensive nowadays, I actually expect a reasonable price for this.

Mr_Writer85104d ago

If it costs more than a console what's the point?

All of this comparison becomes relevant if it costs less than a PS4 Pro.

Otherwise it's simply a case of, yes it's more powerful, but it costs more.

And the general rule of thumb in tech is more power costs more.

Srhalo103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Your comment is quite accurate, unfortunately on this site bias blinds the majority of people. The important thing is the price point which could be quite cheap due to it's low manufacturing costs and volume pricing.

Really if anything it's an article about the rise of AMD and the versatility of there chip lines and their ability to create high quality solutions for a wide range of markets.

r2oB103d ago

One of the biggest differences between console and PC is the level of access developers have to the system. So if this machine does not give developers the same access, then a straight comparison to consoles would be flawed. Sure you can compare specs, but unless developers can optimize for it like a console, then its really nothing more than a PC that looks like a console.


Framerate is mostly down to gpu power, unless the cpu is a bottleneck. Look at this graphics card review. All games tested with the same exact system, with just the graphics card changed.

notice how they use fps to measure the difference in cards. Graphics cards are responsible for what you see on the monitor (they plug into the graphics card) that includes fps

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Nu103d ago

Hi nerds and geeks, should I buy this?

Nebaku104d ago

Which is more than we can say about your riveting commentary on the matter.

ImGumbyDammit104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I don't know who this is for. Sure the CPU is next gen but, it has less GPU computing power than the Pro. (3.9TFLOPS vs 4.2TFLOPS for the Pro). From the article, it looks like the company is going to first use this APU to build a Windows system, so it plays PC Windows games, right? How is that like the Pro or even like the more powerful X. At least the X up the power ante a year later. This device will be released 2 years after the Pro but still less graphically powerful. And both Pro and X have a complete ecosystem specifically designed to run games tightly within those hardware specs. Even when they bring out the other model (which is supposed to be more like a console) later on how will that work? It will be a completely different OS (not Windows and not Linux) so it won't run any of those systems games. It will have no games from major publishers. Are the Chinese going to gobble this up for some reason I am not seeing?

What this really shows me is how hard it has been for AMD to actually scale up the graphic power of the Vega GPU in these new Ryzen based APUs. AMD still has not got past the GPU computing capability of the Pro and I worry how long it will take to reach 6 TFLOPS of the X. One would think that AMD by now would be running at least as well as the Polaris in the X.

SirJoJo104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Due to the MUCH better CPU and even though the GPU has 8 less CUs, they are clocked much higher, this machine would easily get pretty close to or match the Pros performance

amazinglover104d ago

TFLOPS is only a good indicator of power difference when comparing cards within the same family and doesn't translate well when comparing cards of different architecture as they handle Floating point operations different. Case in point the RX 480 has 5.8 TFLOPs and the GTX 1060 has less at 3.8 TFLOPs. Yet beats it in pretty much every way TFLOPS is only one factor to consider when looking at how much power a card actually has.

SirJoJo104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

That's some false information right there. When the cards first arrived on the market it took a while for AMD to get their drivers up to scratch which caused the odd disparity in performance between the 1060 and 480 but today with mature AMD drivers and newer games, the 480 beats out the 1060 almost every time.

ProjectVulcan104d ago

Actually because the RX480 didn't beat the GTX1060, AMD refreshed it to the RX580 with higher clocks.

They are very close, depending on games tested either can come out on top. Overall, it's so close it doesn't matter. Generally the Nvidia card overclocks better so it can even come down to what versions are tested and what core speeds they run at.

TABSF103d ago

SirJoJo the comparison was between TFLOPS.
AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 12.5 TFLOPS
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11.3 TFLOPS

Guess which one absolutely crushes the other?
Even the GTX 1080 matches it is many games at 8.8 TFLOPS
Anyone remember the RX 480 CFX being slowing than 1080 at AMD press event?

As others have said the overclock you get on Pascal is mental
1080 base clock is 1,607MHz you can easily get it to 1.8/1.9GHz just using Nvidia GPU Boost.
A modest overclock plus GPU Boost gets you over 2GHz.
My 1080 Ti base clock is 1,480GHz and it constantly runs at 1.8GHz

ABizzel1104d ago

For someone who wants to play 1080p @ 60fps in all their games.

Someone who doesn’t want to or know how to build a gaming PC.

A solid gaming PC for people in countries where GPU prices are still insanely high.

A companion system for Xbox play anywhere, or a PS / Nintendo fan who wants another device outside of an Xbox.

Niche markets, but the potential was always there for PConsoles so long as someone was willing to commit to it fully.

Unfortunately no one has.

ProjectVulcan104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

This is a custom chip built for the needs and requirements of the company wanting to sell it in a PC like box.

AMD built it to that specification, it doesn't mean they could not build something more powerful, it just means the client was happy with this level of performance and cost.

Xbox One X pushes the GPU size higher, but AMD could easily build something even bigger and faster. X1X's die size is 359mm squared, the Vega graphics cards are 486mm squared, much larger. The problem would be the cost would be far too high. A Vega 64 GPU is $500.

Most people still only own a standard PS4 or standard Xbox One, both machines less powerful than this chip. On many games it is likely this part can equal or beat a PS4 Pro, because of the increase in CPU performance and memory bandwidth, plus the newer Vega graphics arch.

You will still be able to install a windows OS on this machine and play PC games.

It also seems you don't really know anything about the Chinese games market. It is a PC dominated market. Chinese gamers want PCs, not consoles. They have a wide variety of popular PC games that dominate their gaming scene, this machine might be a cost effective way for them to play the biggest titles. Clearly the company building it sees big potential for sales.

Tango104d ago

3.99 is basically 4 if you don’t know how to round up numbers then go back to middle school

ImGumbyDammit104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Yeah, that is exactly how it works. Rounding. It makes perfect sense. Why didn't I think of that /s

Maybe you need to get out of middle school to understand rounding is the worst thing you can do here. Besides, It requires you also to round down the Pro from 4.2.

Glad to know losing over 200,000 operations per second capability all because you are rounding is the exact same thing in your world.

Tango103d ago

So better is your option cut 0.9 and says it’s 3.9 which is even less accurate. What a tool.

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ILostMyMind104d ago

Why do some companies insist on these mini-PCs for gaming? Scam, maybe. It doesn't have the PC's power neither the console's games.

phoenixwing104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

don't outright decry it as a scam. China is a big untapped territory that is new to gaming. If you were to get a foothold in china your potential sales would be beyond any other territory. For this reason it's almost a way to backdoor into the console wars. China only recently lifted it's ban on video games so they're all new customers to these companies and have no allegience atm. It's a very good time to strike if you're a chinese company seriously considering throwing your hat in the ring.

Edit: Beyond any other territory means = more people buying it because as i hope most know, china's population is huge

PiNkFaIrYbOi104d ago

Just because they have a lot of people, doesn't mean that there will be a market for the product.

ILostMyMind104d ago

Does not matter. Still it is better to buy a PC or a traditional console than that, even there.

Magnus104d ago

It's a cool looking machine

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