Can't Truss It: The State of Video Game Reviews

Video game reviews are mired in controversy. You can't trust the corporate sites because their reviews might be tied in to advertising dollars and access to preview copies. The indie sites take longer to publish reviews because they have to wait for games to be released and then they have to actually play the games. Sites like Metacritic that assign numbers to a game does not allow the reader to get the feel for a game. So, what's a gamer to do? There's a poll involved.

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bgrundman3682d ago

Very Interesting read. I could not agree more with the author, He raises alot of valid points that make for good discussion.

meepmoopmeep3682d ago

that's why all games should come with demos.

i trust myself and i'm my best reviewer.

JimmyJames703681d ago

Demos are a great way to test games before purchasing!

Jimmy the Greek3682d ago

i dont trust any single review. i read several, whether independent or corporate, then try to assimilate all the pros and cons. so basically i trust metacritic and gamestats but i dont trust direct scoring. to be honest if i have to trust one reviewer its yahtzee. though very exaggerated he at least gives you all the bad without saying its outweighed by the good.

JimmyJames703682d ago

I agree with you on Yahtzee. I just wish he reviewed all the games. And I also wish he didn't feel pigeon-holed to be negative even on games he likes. It is OK to be funny and positive at the same time.

roblef3682d ago

Yahtzee rocks, and this article makes some real good points.

bgrundman3682d ago

While I enjoy Yahtzee on a regular basis, it is a bit irritating hearing the same complaints over and over and over again. He is running out of ideas.

JimmyJames703682d ago

Ouch, that's the first time I've heard someone say something negative about Yahtzee. Guess it was bound to happen.

bgrundman3682d ago

I laugh in every review I hear from him, but it is like watching Dumb and Dumber, sure I watch it and laugh every time, even though I know what the punchline will be. What makes it funny is the tone. It will start to be played out soon enough.

JimmyJames703682d ago

You're probably right. Yahtzee is definitely enjoying his 15 minutes of fame right now but he'll have to evolve to keep it fresh.

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Crazywhitie3682d ago

All you need to do is fine a reviewer that likes what you like, then just what for there reviews.. that's all... IGN Crap... Any one console only mags Crap... Gamestop Crap... I respect's reviews because they own EGM and EGM no longer get games from Ubisoft because they reviewed there games right gave some low scores... so now ubisoft doesn't send them games anymore.. stand up guys/gals

TheNewerGuy3682d ago

I can't trust xbots reviewing Sony games,this sh*t has got to stop

Anywhooo,a certain member of n4g reviews for a preeeeeeeetty big video game site,i'm surprised he hasnt been called out for his bias considering he rarely has anything good to say about microsoft lol

bgrundman3682d ago

What member would that be? I must admit, I am intrigued...

JimmyJames703682d ago

Yeah, you can't make a comment like that and not name names!

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The story is too old to be commented.