Eurogamer: Far Cry 2 Review

Eurogamer writes: "In every civil war, there's a moment when the lines have been drawn, but neither side wants to shoot first: a sickly, sweaty sort of time, full of mistrust, fear and empty posturing. That's where Far Cry 2 lives: a world composed primarily of tension. It hangs in the dusty air even during the opening cab ride, bubbling up suddenly as reckless traffic barrels unexpectedly past at an intersection, or threatening to boil over at that first roadblock, when the militiamen stalk around the car firing off questions and staring, sizing you up before eventually letting you past.

Games have drawn you into worlds with a first-person passenger trip before - Far Cry 2's opening is, at best, a copy of a copy - but what's different here is the subtlety of the staging. There are no death squads executing people or smug scientific installations itching to go haywire. Instead there are realistic touchstones: the cabbie pointing out a distant plane and adding that it's the last one out for a while, or that near-miss down the road, given a quiet chill by the ensuing roadblock, where you aren't attacked or beaten over the head with exposition, merely belittled and slyly informed of the playground rules of this oppressive environment."

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bunbun7773654d ago

that's like a 9.25!


Rock Bottom3654d ago

Well, it's not a 360 exclusive, so 8 from Eurogamer is pretty high.

byeGollum3654d ago

by eurogamer .. so logically that must be a really good game .. probably 8.5-9ish ..

PS360PCROCKS3654d ago

"Go here, kill everyone, and possibly blow up an object" school of level design."

Lol that is what I WANNA do!!

theEnemy3654d ago

360 Exclusive:
Actual_Score + 1 or 2

PS3 Exclusive:
Actual_Score - 1 or 2

Actual_Score +/- 1 or 2

- - -

Gears 2 will definitely get a 10 from them, while Resistance 2 will only get a mere 8.

Quote me on that.

CliffordM Bleszinski3654d ago

well gears 2 is a great game so it will get a 10. i think resistance is also a good game so it should get no less than an 8.

Ryo-Hazuki3654d ago

its unfortunate that this game is not a 360 exclusive, cuz if it was, a 10 would be all over eurogamer

Fishy Fingers3654d ago

You'd rather fellow gamers missed out on a game just so one website would up a score from 8-10?

Whether Eurogamer give it 1 or 10 it doesnt effect what you get in the case.

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The story is too old to be commented.