Square-Go: Lego Batman review


"You wont be scratching your head over any of the puzzles however, but they do mix things up a tad. The bonus is that there are 15 levels for the good guys and another 15 for the villains. These aren't rehashed stages however, each of the villain levels are unique and tell the story from their perspective. Call us predictable, but playing as the bad guys is always much more fun and the same rings true here. You can flirt with unsuspecting guards as the femme fatale Poison Ivy, brainwash cops as the Riddler or fry people with the Joker's electric hand buzzer, mmm crispy!

Overall, this is the same old lego game we've played before, but the developer has really nailed the feel of the source material and provided players with a much longer and playable experience. The platforming sections really need tidying up at points though so expect some accidental deaths at the hands of some unpleasant toxic goo. That aside, this is a fun game and fans of the Dark Knight will love it; the next Lego game will have to be entirely different though."

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