Square-Go: Pirates: Duels on the High Seas review


"Diversity isn't really this games strong point. To be fair you'll travel the seven seas in search of some cursed keys, unfortunately in the world of PDHS each different sea seems to be denoted by a slightly different shade of brown, not exactly a feast for the eyes. The enemies themselves have a few different models, but rarely do anything fancy. Half of them sail around so fast you'll spend ages chasing the bastards down in a manner so devoid of fun you'd have a more enjoyable time playing football with a brick.

This really isn't much of a game; it could easily have been on the original gameboy and have played pretty much the same. It's clear that at some point one or two developers loved something about this game, it does have a cute kooky feel in the cut-scenes, that borders on likeable but it doesn't stop the game from being blander than a ryvieta sandwich. Take your booty elsewhere!"

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