Pocket Gamer: Hands on with Cradle of Rome on DS

Pocket Gamer writes: "When in Rome, do as Romans do - which apparently is to match-three. Cradle of Rome, the latest slice from the match-three puzzle pie, melds the world of ancient Rome with touch-enabled puzzle play. Instead of concentrating on wild new puzzle elements, it features basic match-three gameplay tied to an intriguing city-building mechanic.

A cross between Civilization and Bejeweled, Cradle of Rome has you raising the nexus of Roman culture by collecting resources. Completing puzzles provides you with the resources necessary to build key structures and advance your civilization. Food, timber, and gold are needed to construct buildings ranging from simple quarries and sawmills to grander icons like the Colosseum and Parthenon. You can't immediately plunk down those wonders, though, as you must first progress through a series of epochs that organise the rise of Roman civilization."

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