Red Alert 3: All the sexy babes in pictures

EAs Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 will hit the market soon. During the foreplay of every highly anticipated game a publisher gives the fans previews and screenshots of the game. Red Alert 3 is using it's cast of beautiful Babes like Jenny McCarthy or Gemma Atkinson. Check them out yourself!

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theEnemy3676d ago

Wow, Red Alert 3 is very tempting indeed.

I'll take this one:

Killjoy30003676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Why doesn't it ever let me attach images?

cheapndirty3676d ago

to own a 360. RTS. There are none on the ps3. This will be the 7th RTS on the 360. Red alert is lots of fun. Cant wait to rush with my massive army of warrior bears.

IdleLeeSiuLung3676d ago

I'm kind of disgusted by the overly blatant sex appeal to this game. Yes, yes I'm enjoying the pictures, but I would rather prefer they get cast that fit into the role rather than just for the sex appeal.

I for one will not support this game for two reasons:

1. DRM Infested EA cr*p
2. I don't want bad acting in my cut scenes that ruin the feel of the game. Sure I want to see somebody attractive, but not when it is there detracting from the overall game experience.

It is my personal opinion though....

Erdrick3676d ago

you mean another reason to own a PC? console rts lololol

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lord_monkey3676d ago

thats the most babe infested title yet

Capt CHAOS3676d ago

Now, I just need to decide which one holds the grapes and which one holds the champagne..

jaffa_cake3676d ago

wow they doin a x rated version of this game :)

persian_prince3676d ago

u know what...for the first time i can say that in this cast, all of the girls are hot. usually u have a couple hot ones and a few ok or ugly ones. not this time haha. does it make me wanna buy the game? nope.

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The story is too old to be commented.