Sega Plans to Capitalize on Existing, Revival, External, and New IPs; Announces Financial Results

Sega disclosed its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019,

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111d ago
PhoenixUp111d ago

Sega talks of revitalizing existing IPs yet dropped the Sega All-Stars franchise to make another racing game exclusively focused on the cast from their biggest IP

Teflon02111d ago

It could just be this one game. Though I'd have preferred an transformed 2 Esq game

FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

A new Project Diva would be nice, or a new song bundle for Future Tone.

bit-crusherrrr111d ago

Sega should get sumo to make an open arcade racer mix the feel of daytona, outrun and sega rally in something forza horizon-ish. I'd buy that and a new streets of rage and while we're at it house of the dead overkill 2.

CrimsonWing69111d ago

Now if we could get Capcom and Konami to do the same!

Brazz111d ago

Actualy capcom is doing a great work.
Monter Hunter, Resident Evil Remakes, SFV arcade, Devil May Cry and even a good looking Megaman!
Sure, there are many other ips ( like dragon's dogma, Breath of fire and Viewtiful Joe), but for the moment capcom is doing great, considering capcom size it is hard to imagine they doing better than this!

CrimsonWing69111d ago

Yea I think you missed my point, I'm talking about Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, Onimusha, Dark Stalkers, Clock Tower/Haunting Ground, etc.

Capcom sticks to only their profitable IPs, I'm wanting them to pull a Sega and give the older IPs that seem to be forgotten another chance

Zabatsu2111d ago

I agree with both, because I would love Another Onimusha and Clock Tower.

Segata111d ago

Yeah, we are getting a new Phantasy Star...on mobile. All l I expect really.

CBaoth110d ago

Crazy to believe PSO2 launched nearly 6 years ago and it's still their number 1 digital seller according to their financials. Guess it never needed to come to the West :(

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The story is too old to be commented.