Netflix Expects 500k Blu-ray Subscribers, Confirms Xbox Support for November

"Netflix yesterday afternoon announced in a conference call that they expect 500,000 of their roughly 8.7 million subscribers to be renting Blu-ray Discs by the end of the quarter, or year's end."

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dale13707d ago

gold members only why? talk about sh*ting on your customer base.50$ before you watch a movie.

Raoh3707d ago

LOL yeah i read a story about that a few weeks ago

basically microsoft wants to make gold members feel special like they are actually getting their moneys worth

SH3MRON3707d ago

Yeah but the service is only on the US and won't come to Puerto Rico =(... sucks been a subscriber for both and not getting what you pay for.

Karum3707d ago

Having to subscribe $50 per year to access netflix on the 360 seems pretty lame.

kevlar3707d ago

I'm fed up of hearing about Netflix in the NXE....its only available in the US!!( as far as I know ). What do UK 360 users get? sod all as usuall.

Siesser3707d ago

You can stream Netflix on your 360 or ps3 already (it works for me with my PS3, at least).

It's in the beta right now, but the Netflix streaming is pretty spot-on thus far; I'm definitely buying it when it's finalized.