WorthPlaying: Fable II Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Fable II takes place roughly 600 years after the events in the first Fable, with the implication being that your hero from the first game chose the path of Good. Time has not been kind to the land of Albion: The Hero's Guild is only a faint memory, destroyed by the people of the world after the heroes fell into corruption and decadence. Technology has advanced, firearms have replaced the bow and arrow, and photographs have started to replace the portrait. You come into this world as an unnamed orphan, either male or female, the last descendant of the Heroes of Old. You are attacked and betrayed by Lord Lucian Fairfax, ruler of the town in which you live, who has a plan for world domination. It's up to you to stop him by reviving the old Hero's Guild and returning to Albion the ways of Strength, Skill and Will.

As in Fable, you're give the ability to influence the moral path your character takes. In addition to the classic Good and Evil, you also have a choice between Purity and Corruption, which comes across as a bit odd. Purity involves doing things like selling items at a discount, eating tofu and drinking spring water, and generally living a chaste life of goodness and sacrifice, while Corruption involves price-gouging, eating meat, and looking out for yourself. It's possible to be Good and Corrupt or Evil and Pure, although that is pretty unlikely. In the end, it basically comes across as two Good/Evil meters, except one bizarrely implies that you're corrupt if you eat meat. As with the original Fable, it's really quite easy to get your meters maxed out, so it isn't really something to stress about."

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