Fable 2 Collector's Edition may be missing DLC card

Joystiq has received a couple reports this evening that some copies of the Fable II Limited Collector's Edition package do not contain the cards required for the in-game DLC content. A GameStop source tells them a company wide email notes that cases bearing an orange "48 hours of LIVE"' sticker include the cards, but copies without the sticker do not.

Although they've only heard about this being a GameStop issue so far, the same situation could be occurring at other retailers. Joystiq has contacted both Microsoft and GameStop for comment.

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Xandet3704d ago

If this happens to me, I'll be f**king pissed. Get most of the original LE stuff taken away, then not receive the codes for the only thing worth-while in the damn thing now? Hell no. M$/Lionhead/whoever needs to buck the f**k up!