New Shenmue I & II Trailer Is All About Ryo Hazuki's Epic Story

Today Sega released a brand new trailer of the upcoming Shenmue I & II remaster.

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Smitty202056d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Boom! Can’t wait what annoys me the most, am on holiday on release date 😔😔😔

Dabigsiebowski56d ago

My dream would be for this remaster to sell 10 mil+ copies...unlikely but it deserves no less

Magnus56d ago

20 more days until it arrives feels like I am a kid waiting for Xmas I have been waiting for this game

CrimsonWing6956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I hope they keep this actor for the 3rd one and keep the dialogue just as stilted, it’s kind of part of the charm.

I_am_Batman56d ago

Not going to watch this as I've never played these. Glad to see that they are bringing the originals before Shenmue 3 so we can catch up on the story. Can't wait to see why Huber (ex-Gametrailers, Easy Allies) loves these games so much.

GamesMaster198255d ago

I am more hyped for this game this year (games that i played the hell out of 16 years back ) more than any other game this year.