Halo MCC Xbox One Update is Now Available to All MCC Insiders

The major Halo MCC Xbox One update is now available to all registered Halo: The Master Chief Collection insiders.

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darthv72111d ago

I hear this one is supposed to be a game changer in terms of overall performance.

rockwhynot111d ago

The game can live forever now that 343 is letting us implement the hottest forged maps and gametypes into a dedicated matchmaking playlist.

michaelknight35110d ago

yeah i cant til they done and start sending xboxone x enhance patch out to everyone

Vectrexer111d ago

All I know it looks freaking incredible on my Xbox One X..
Even the original Halo Combat Evolved as really stood the test of time given how long ago it was released.

rockwhynot111d ago

How does Halo 2 Anniversary and halo 4 look? Thank you Vectrexer

Vectrexer109d ago

You can tell a very big difference in 4k!
Halo 2 and Halo 4 look as good as any game out right now. I'm very pleased with what they've done.

ninsigma111d ago

Would love for this to come to PC. Had it on the XBO when I owned one (technically I still own the game as it's digital). The halo 2 remastering was incredible and I spent a lot of time in the halo 4 MP. Just a great package of games that I would really love to see coming to PC.