Microsoft on Primetime delay: November 19 is only the beginning

Microsoft has responded to the Xbox Live Primetime delay published earlier today by saying that the release date of "November 19 is only the beginning!" and that there is there is plenty more to come as far as New Xbox Experience is concerned.

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Mike Bowden3677d ago

Wonder what else is gonna get the chop?

Capt CHAOS3677d ago

They said, it's only the beginning of what's coming. i.e. Primetime is just a shall offering and it's delay is nothing to be concerned with.

Thugbot1873677d ago

So you have to laugh at the irony here, Xbox fans can finally say Just wait until Prime comes out. Real Talk: I really was looking forward to this and it sucks that it’s not releasing soon. I guess S!!T happens.

Capt CHAOS3677d ago

Actually, I don't give a damn about primetime, it's not coming to england for a long, long time, (I believe) - unfortunately.

Just commenting on how he came across.

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wray773677d ago

Yea this is truly horrible...MS is definitely on the way out, there are no good games on the system. It's too easy to stay connected with a group of friends. Oh man MS has lost this generation.

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

PlayStation 3 is not the PlayStation 3 we were promised...the 360 has exceeded our expectations to become a very good system...the ps3 is a good system but it is not the ps2 which imo is the greatest system ever..and in time I hope ps3 is but as of right now it looks like last gen xbox

Man_of_the_year3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Ya - good thing it has that 6 million console lead making it the 2nd place console of this generation. without that it would be in 3rd place and we all know that 3rd place in any race that has only 3 competitors is basically a lost cause.

beans3677d ago

No good games my butt! Dude seriously can it already. There are more good games on 360 then PS3 so get your facts right.The only thing that's going out the door is fanboy dreams of 360 failing.

ceedubya93677d ago

I'm hoping that was just a failed attempt at sarcasm.

whoelse3677d ago

The 360 and PS3 are on different timelines. Remember how the PS2 was.

Bnet3433677d ago

I can't believe no one above sensed the sarcasm in his comment ... Unbelievable ....

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

My guess their adding extre last minut features and a first up date to roll out soon after launch. I love the feature of updating on the fly without disrupting gamers. When we boot up and we don't get burdened with firmware updates everyday like the PS3.

pansenbaer3677d ago

You just can't go a day without saying something 'negative' about the PS3, can you? Why is it that when Sony delays something its because they are incompetent, but when Microsoft delays something its because they are 'adding extra features'? Oh right, because Microsoft is all-mighty and all-powerful; they never make mistakes.

System Software Ver. 1.10 (November 17th, 2006)
System Software Ver. 1.11 (November 28th, 2006)
System Software Ver. 1.3X (December 21st, 2006)
System Software Ver. 1.5X (February 28th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.60 (March 23rd, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.70 (May 3rd, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.80 (May 24th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.81 (June 15th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.82 (June 28th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.90 (July 24th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.92 (September 4th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 1.93 (September 13th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 2.00 (November 8th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 2.01 (November 20th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 2.10 (December 18th, 2007)
System Software Ver. 2.17 (March 13th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.20 (March 25th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.30 (April 15th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.35 (May 15th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.36 (June 18th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.40 (July 2nd, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.41 (July 8nd, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.42 (July 30th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.43 (September 17th, 2008)
System Software Ver. 2.50 (October 15th, 2008)

I would hardly call that everyday, would you? Firmware updates are the best thing about the PS3. I don't know how you can say the 360 updates 'on the fly' when it a biannual update. That means when they have an idea for something to improve upon, they have to wait until next time to update. With the PS3, they can release a firmware update whenever they need to, providing increased functionality over a short period of time.

PirateThom3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

The 360 may not have firmware updates, but almost every time I boot a game up it has to download updates. Be it Switchball or Mass Effect, it'll just randomly decide to perform an update.

Swings and roundabouts, to be honest.

darkequitus3677d ago

NXE updates on the fly. That is what he is on about

pansenbaer3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Ah. Gotcha, I misinterpreted that. Yes that will be a welcome feature.

Now, I'm reading that stuff like new tabs and such can be made available 'on the fly'. But is this adding functionality to the 360 itself? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this sounds like something like when the Playstation store updates and like when it added the video tab. We didn't have to download a patch or anything; it was just there. Like if Microsoft wanted to make it so you can use an external hard drive to store game saves and demos and stuff (crazy outlandish feature that would likely never happen, but...) would that not require a patch? Correct me if I'm wrong.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3676d ago

The "everyday" comment was a joke or dig at you Sony fans that live in the 360 section. I know it's not updated everyday, I'm not stupid. Learn to take a joke or take some meds. What is most funny about your list is you just owned yourself and every PS3 owner. Because my point was the 360 doesn't need updates, and by you putting up that HUGE list of updates for a 2yr console, seems the joke is on you. Clean your glasses and look at that list again and maybe you will see why I'm ROTFLMMFAO. LOL you actually tried to defend the PS3 by putting up a list that makes you look foolish. Hell I'm only on page 3 of your list.

pansenbaer3676d ago

Wow you must be a slow reader... Please turn your attention to this
and you will see all the improvements the 360 has had in the form of updates. Then look at this page and you will see that the amount of content in each update is pretty minimal, with the exception of a handful. The 360 has had just as many issues fixed or features added to itself. So no, I did not own myself.

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BIGELLOW3677d ago


That would be true if this were a foot race or the Olympics.

However, in the world of gaming, there is room for all competitors.

The Wii is in a class of its own or, perhaps, should be more appropriately be compared to the PS2. They are closer to price-point and power.

This isn't about which console "wins" or "loses"... both will win, in their own ways. Both will attract their own audiences. I can guarantee that no matter how badly Microsoft screws up, they are not going to lose their entire loyal fan-base. The same applies to Sony.

The only "winners" or "losers" in the market are the consumers, who may be stuck with lackluster games, overpriced consoles and accessories, or limited choice. During this generation of consoles, there is plenty of choice, the decent games are finally rolling out, and the prices are (if a bit slowly) coming down.


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