Kaasa Interview - Commodore 64 on Virtual Console

An extract from a VC Reviews inteview with Kaasa about Commodore 64 on Virtual Console:

"VC Reviews: How did the decision to rerelease Commodore 64 games on the Virtual Console come about?

Nico Kaartinen: At the beginning it was all a crazy idea which came up with Commodore Gaming and some other friends from the gaming industry. We have all our interest in retro gaming as it all brings back the memories of how it all started and how much we time we spent playing or coding in front of the C64. At some point we involved Eidos and Alten8 into the idea and we had all pieces together to get this project started.

We decided to move forward and talk with Nintendo and present them our thoughts. The great thing was that Nintendo of Europe was open to our idea from the beginning even though a C64 has never played a big role in Japan. It was not necessarily easy all the time but at the end we established a great relationship with the guys at NOE and are happy that we have so many titles on the Wii C64 VC.

VCR: Can you tell us more about the C64 emulator you are using? What are the challenges involved in making games play correctly on a Wii Remote?

NK: I can not tell you too much about the technical issues of the emulator as this is all being handled by our partner Chris at Alten8. I think he has done and is still doing a great job with all the bits and pieces involved with the emulator. Obviously not all went smooth from the beginning but Chris spent a lot of time to get the emulator as far as it is now."

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