Gears Of War 2 Leaked Gameplay of the Mortar

This is some new leaked gameplay of the new Gears of War 2 Mortar.

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jkhan3709d ago

Thats it, two mortars fire and the brumack is down?:|

outlawlife3709d ago

i have a feeling that whoever is playing is playing on a lower difficulty

zonetrooper53709d ago

It splits into little cluster type bombs and if your a good shot then I'm sure you could take down a Brumack quite easily. Remember the spider boss (can't remember the name) in Gears 1, I thought it was hard the first time but after it became insanly easy to beat it lol.

rbluetank3709d ago

this is how the levels are increased from 5 chapters to 10 or 15 chapters. do you remember "shoot the tank" and level is complete... lol the game is very empty. it will be fun but dam it is empty.. you walk three blocks fight five locust. you proceed to walk 3 more blocks and fight five locusts. you walk three more blocks and shoot down a brumak. it really is goty... lol i will buy it to play with my friends. this should not get game of the year....

Firstkn1ghT3709d ago

HOLY SH*T!!!! Okay no more gameplay videos for me, I don't want to spoil anything anymore. That was absolutely insane.

chanto233709d ago

are you retarded or something??? you work for M$ or something??

PattyWacker3709d ago

im a big gears fan, and even though I dont have a 360 ive played a ton at friends houses. This video looked bleak and the gameplay looked boring. The last couple videos havent been too promising for me. I was expecting a much higher leap in enemy numbers like from that tech demo. I'll still love it for sure, but I doubt it'll get the same reviews like the first.

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