One Hundred Diablo 3 Articles From BlizzCon

Did you follow the coverage from BlizzCon? Apparently did, as they have listed a full hundred of Diablo 3 articles, previews, interviews, videos, video interviews and news items from the last week or so.

For all the fans that wants to read ALL the Diablo news, they can find it covered on the unofficial Diablo 3 site.

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thetamer3704d ago

This is an excellent resource actually. Loads of D3 stuff available for consumption.

Leord3704d ago

Well, I'm actually surprised of the sheer amount of links. I mean, there must be lots of smaller sites that are not even on there...

Maticus3704d ago

What a brilliant resource, thanks

Dorjan3704d ago

Hack and slash ftw!

I actually re-loaded D2 recently because I wanted to "warm up" for D3!

Leord3704d ago

Well, you're not alone. Blizzard started to sell D2 like crazy short after the announcement at WWI. Quite cool.

And yeah, killing Diablo again myself ;)

Medievaldragon3704d ago

gasp, that's a lot of links.

Leord3704d ago

I'm interested to see if more media might add their links to the list...

Terrice3704d ago

Wow, excellent articles guys. I especially liked the one about the rainbows in D3 and SC2. :)

SCFreelancer3704d ago

Yea, now its only a matter of time before they rainbow t-shirts appear in the BlizzStore ;) Oh and Starcraft 2 will probably have quite a collection of them :P

Terrice3704d ago

Haha, you just know they'll do it too. It's good when the devs can poke humor like this.

Leord3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Speaking of that, I'd really like to have that t-shirt. Such a bummer they didn't sell it at Blizzcon.

BTW, here is a link to the pic:

JonahNL3704d ago

Wow, 100 articles... I have some catching up to do, definitely going to check this out! Great job!

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