Every Fallout Game Ranked

"With the initial release of Fallout 76 due on November 14 of this year, and while most of us are still wondering,“Who on Earth asked for an online multiplayer Fallout game?!”, we thought it might be a nice distraction to take a closer look at the Fallout franchise legacy."

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NecrumOddBoy19d ago

I think this is a pretty solid list in the right order. I would love to see a top down Fallout return to form. The originals are great but are very archaic in controls. I would like to see something that is more fluid like Diablo, but with all the dynamics of Fallout and VATS, dialog, etc. Just a smoother game.

Princess_Pilfer19d ago

If by "diable" you mean "Xcom" or "Wasteland 2" then sure!

I'd rather not have the game become some god aweful top down brawler or twinstick shooter. Those really don't fit the tone of the series, and the mechanics and level design that tend to be necessary to make those games good doesn't mesh well with Fallout in most circumstances. (Hence virtually all such games being you against giant hoards of enemies, not the small handful you're usually fighting in fallout.)

Profchaos19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Unpopular opinion but my list goes fallout 4, 3, nv, and never played 1/2

Retard19d ago

only unpopular because you never tried FO2! (My personal favorite... many hours of my childhood are sunk into that gem)

MrVux00018d ago

Fallout 2 is still the best baby!

smolinsk18d ago

For me Fallout 3 is number 1

stefan_77118d ago

4, NV. Haven't played any of the others