Games Magazine Editors on E3 2009

Following earlier reports that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is set to return to its former glory in 2009, TechRadar polled the editors of a number of key gaming magazines to gauge their response to the news.

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Calcio3703d ago

Shambles indeed!
Be nice to get back to a show that everyone can get excited about

zoydwheeler3703d ago

Reason and common sense prevail.

Now, who do we talk to about getting the booth babes (whores) back involved? They really added to the 'spectacle' of the whole affair (in an ironic, post-feminist way - obv...)

DeadlyFire3703d ago

Glad to know that E3 will be back to make an impact again. E3 was shrinking the last two years it seems and many just skipped over it. I can't wait to see it in 2009 now though.